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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kelly Reilly Addresses Doctored T-Shirt Image of Her with Comment

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images)

Fellow ‘Yellowstone’ actor Mo Brings Plenty posted a photo of Kelly Reilly to his Instagram, but the Beth Dutton actress reveals it’s a fake!

Ever starred in television’s most popular drama series with Kelly Reilly, then accidentally shared a fake photo of her? No? Well, shockingly, amazing actor Mo Brings Plenty has done just that – and Reilly wants the world to know the image is a fake!

Mo Brings Plenty, who plays ‘Mo’ on Yellowstone , has the best of intentions. A truly kind man and wonderful actor on the show, Mo has become active on Instagram during its run. Now, Brings Plenty is sharing a photo of Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly holding up a T-Shirt with a great slogan – only to find out it’s a fake! And Reilly herself is breaking the news to Mo, no less.

The image, which is still live on Mo’s Instagram, is a (clearly) photoshopped image of Kelly Reilly holding up a big Yellowstone t-shirt. On the shirt is the slogan “in a world full of Kardashians, be a Beth Dutton.” Excellent suggestion!

The shirt, however, is a knock-off… and Reilly wants us to know the image is, too.

Kelly Reilly Says Photo is a Fake

As a result, Reilly chimes in herself. “I never took this Mo,” the actress starts off. “This has been adapted (someone put my head on [the] photo0 to shell shirts I guess… just and FYI :)”

Mo Brings Plenty has yet to respond to her comment, or remove the image. No link is provided to the bootleg shirts, though, so it is highly unlikely that any sales will result from his post. Still, it may be best for an actor on a show of Yellowstone‘s caliber to remove such an image.

Reilly’s Beth Dutton has, however, rocked some amazing legitimate outfits on the show itself. From that blue coat to her Queen of Montana looks, she’s highlighted the best American Western fashion television’s ever seen.

Indeed, few characters in the history of television have risen to the untouchable heights of Beth Dutton. Not only is she the show’s staunchest badass (fight me), but she’s got the fashion sense to back it up, to boot. Whether it’s out-gruffing now fiancé Rip Wheeler, or taking on every single poor soul looking to down her family’s Yellowstone Ranch, Beth always looks flawless whilst doing it.

To see Beth’s legit fashion choices, we’ve gathered the Top 5 Beth Dutton outfits from Seasons 1-3 of Yellowstone hereThis was no small task – but hear us out, and relive all these iconic looks, too.