‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Kelly Reilly’s New Photo from Chief Joseph Ranch Mean Anything for Season 4?

by Evan Reier

If Taylor Sheridan and the folks over at Yellowstone could get on their horse and release Season 4, that would be sincerely appreciated.

Folks across the country have been waiting for over a year now for Yellowstone Season 4, and each day without it’s premiere, or just new info about it, is agony. While playing guessing games and theorizing about what comes next has been fun, it’s time to return to the Dutton Ranch.

Which is why your friends at Outsider have been dutifully covering anything and all things Yellowstone. Whether it’s fan theories or updates from actors, we’ve been on it. And on June 14, the latest update comes through Kelly Reilly.

Reilly portrays the powerful and chaotic Beth Dutton, but you knew that already. What you may not have seen yet is Reilly’s Instagram Story post that went up on the evening of June 13. While it has now expired, we can at least confirm that Reilly was staying at the Chief Joseph Ranch this past weekend.

The post shows a look out over the ranch, and she captioned it with, “Thank you @ChiefJosephRanch for letting me come stay X one of my fav places on earth.”

The Chief Joseph Ranch is the real-life name of the Dutton Ranch, sitting in Darby, Montana. Reilly’s been touring around the USA recently, including another visit we will get into shortly.

But considering the Chief Joseph Ranch spilled the beans about a June 2021 release date for Season 4 months ago, and that release has yet to happen, it makes us wonder if her mid-June visit has anything to do with the show.

We’ll probably never know, but we’ll keep collecting evidence until Yellowstone finally releases Season 4.

Kelly Reilly Visits the Location of Yellowstone: 6666

Despite a lack of info and updates about Yellowstone Season 4, we’ve already gotten two spin-off announcements of 1883 and 6666. While the prospect of the show’s universe expanding is exciting, what’s more exciting is figuring out which of the original cast will appear in the shows.

Kelly Reilly added fuel to the fire with a post on April 30, when she visited the legendary 6666 Ranch.

“Dream come true riding out on the 6666 ranch today,” Reilly wrote.

Like with her visit to Chief Joseph, this isn’t any form of conclusive evidence, but it definitely opens up the possibility of Reilly reprising Beth for 6666. However, there will be some explaining and process to get there.

Season 3 ended with Beth being rocked by a bomb, as well as much of the Dutton family in dire straits. Spin-off potentials are great, but it’s just another reason why we need Yellowstone Season 4 yesterday.