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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kevin Costner Describes the ‘Quintessential California Car’ with His ’68 Shelby

by Evan Reier
Photo by Richard Bord/Getty Images for Cannes Lions)

Driving up and down California is fun, but it’s not the real deal experience without the right car. Just ask Yellowstone star Kevin Costner.

Costner was born in Lynwood, California in 1955. Costner grew up in Compton before moving to various towns across the state. He didn’t just get the LA experience, he got the full Cali lifestyle.

During those early years, Costner developed his love and passion for many things, including cars. He’s never let go of that, and that is probably best evidenced by the Yellowstone star’s interview for HearHere. At one point, he is asked which car he considers to be the “quintessential California car.”

For Costner, the answer to a question rooted in nostalgia has to feature nostalgia. So he takes himself back to a moment in time.

“If I try to think of the quintessential California car,” Costner starts. “What’re you gonna name? I lived here in the 1960s, the [Shelby] is a ’68, it’s a convertible. I remember seeing a girl go by, I think I was 13 or 14. She had a convertible Mustang, I don’t know, I don’t think it was a Shelby. Rich girl, blonde girl, cute-looking girl. She had a surfboard sticking out the back of it, and I never got that image out of my head.”

Hard to paint a better scene than that.

However, the actor also acknowledges other answers. After all, California’s a big place and the automobile options are varied. But there’s one that stands above the rest, and he happens to be sitting right next to it in the video.

“For a lot of people, it’s the [Volkswagen] van,” the Yellowstone star continued. “Barely makes it up a hill. For me, it’s the Shelby Cobra.”

Yellowstone Star Kevin Costner Talks Importance of Meeting Strangers

So while Costner obviously knows the importance of traveling in style. But the Yellowstone actor knows what really matters most too.

In another clip posted from Hearhere, the actor is asked about meeting folks while traveling. For Costner, it’s of the most importance to meet people when visiting new places.

“People want to know, and maybe it’s because of fame or whatever, do you ever stop and talk to people about the place you are in,” Costner said. “Of course I do. I only know what I know. The only way I am going to get smarter or evolve more is by the books I read and by the documentaries that I watch and, more importantly, by talking to people.

“People love where they live. And if you are authentic about asking them about this place — it is surprising how much they know.”

It’s a fantastic point. Locals and residents always have the intuitive knowledge that can crack open a whole new understanding of where you’re at in the world. For someone as well traveled as Costner is, it’s no surprise that he’s a fan of the practice.