‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kevin Costner’s Epic 2-Word Response to Season 4 Trailer Has Fans Freaking Out

by Thad Mitchell

Excitement for the brand new season of Paramount Network hit series “Yellowstone” is boiling over and now a cast member is fanning the flames. Not just any cast member…Kevin Costner.

The anticipation for new episodes of “Yellowstone” reached new heights last week with a teaser trailer unveiled. Fans of the show went nuts after viewing the trailer even though it reveals very little about season four. The new trailer also reveals that fans can expect “Yellowstone” to return this fall. While the wait is going to last a little longer than most everyone thought, you can’t wipe the smile from fan’s faces. The trailer has seen millions of views since being put out for public consumption just last week. In the likely event that you have not seen the trailer — here it is once again straight from the “Yellowstone” Instagram page.

“Revenge is coming,” the social media post proclaims.

The Instagram post saw nearly 9,000 comments appear in short order after going live. But, one particular reply in the comments section saw fans erupt in excitement after reading the two-word post. That is because the reply comment came from none other than John Dutton himself — Kevin Costner!

“I’m ready,” he writes in reply to the trailer.

“Yellowstone” Fans Pumped For Season Four

And just like that, the massive “Yellowstone” fan base kicked the excitement level all the way up to a 10. Several fans replied to Costner’s comment, saying they are thrilled to see him and John Dutton returning for season four. Revenge is coming indeed.

The trailer for season four doesn’t reveal much about the plot or storylines in the works. There is only a small part near the end that features anything from season four. In the scene, you can hear Rip Wheeler begging John Dutton not to pass on to the other side.

“Don’t you die on me,” Rip screams at John Dutton. “Not like this. You hear me?”

Kevin Costner’s character is in bad shape heading into the new season of “Yellowstone” and it appears Rip is the first to find him. John Dutton is shot several times in the chest while helping a stranded family change a flat tire. The unknown assailant then flees in a van, leaving fans to wonder if John is dead or alive. It appears from the trailer that John is indeed alive but gravely hurt.

Two of John’s children are also ambushed by an unknown entity. Kayce Dutton is attacked by gunmen inside his office. He is able to take cover behind his desk. Beth Dutton receives a mysterious package that turns out to be a bomb. The bomb detonates inside her office only a few feet from where she is standing. Much like with John, the “Yellowstone” audience is left in the dark regarding their statuses for the upcoming season.

The answers to our many questions are coming soon “Yellowstone” fans.