‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kevin Costner First Thought the Western Drama Was Going to Be a Movie

by Thad Mitchell

With plenty of experience in Hollywood as a leading man, Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner keeps his plate full.

Costner takes on roles in both film and television with great success in each. On Yellowstone, he plays Montana ranch owner John Dutton to perfection. Dutton is an older, grizzled cowboy who cares most about his family and protecting his way of life. The Yellowstone Ranch has been in the Dutton family for centuries and John intends on keeping it that way. Much of Yellowstone’s plot revolves around the Dutton clan protecting their property from entities wishing to take it.

Costner was the perfect choice to play John Dutton and Yellowstone fans can’t imagine anyone else in the role. In a 2019 interview with Peter Travers, Costner talks about what led to the role and the experience of playing a wealthy ranch owner.

Costner says when he initially took the role under consideration, Yellowstone was going to be a 10-episode movie, much the same as another Costner piece “Hatfields and McCoys.”

“Somewhere along the line — the show got put together and it was no longer going to be that,” he says. “I felt, in a way, that a lot of it has been put together because of me agreeing to do it. Lo and behold, it went from one season to suddenly it is going to be a multi-season thing. I had to make a real fundamental decision. I thought, actually, if I would have said ‘well now I’m not doing it,’ that maybe it would have crumbled before it got started. It took the weight on of emotionally not wanting to have the show crumble.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Eager For Start of Fourth Season

Costner would go on to accept the role and the show has produced three seasons to date with a fourth on the way.

Speaking of the upcoming new season, the fate of Costner’s John Dutton is very much up in the air moving forward. The third season finale gave fans quite a cliffhanger to dwell on. Yellowstone watchers last saw John being shot multiple times in the chest area by an unknown attacker. Most fans believe he survives the shooting thanks to tucking his cell phone into his shirt pocket. While that is a prevailing theory, the truth is we do not know if John Dutton is dead or alive.

Yellowstone fans certainly hope Dutton is alive and we get even more Kevin Costner this season.