‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Kevin Costner Asks for Hilarious ‘Wrong Answers’ for Stoic John Dutton Photo

by Jon D. B.

“What’s going through John Dutton’s mind here? Wrong answers only,” asks the Yellowstone legend on his official Instagram Monday. And fans are absolutely delivering.

Within his post, Costner includes a rarer shot of his most iconic modern character: John Dutton. The image would make for a fantastic post on its own. But leave it to the man himself to up the ante as only he and ol’ JD can.

Yellowstone fans are firing on all cylinders for this challenge, too. So far, the top “wrong answer” is as brilliantly simple as they come:

“Gosh I love Jamie,” replies fan Morgan. Perfect. A+, even.

Another follower replies in kind with: “Should I take Jaime to the train station?”

Is it just us, or are fans hyper aware of John’s horrific relationship with his adopted son?

“I’m so damn proud of Jamie,” another fan replies. Nope, not just us.

Kevin Costner fans are also quick to apply the actor’s iconic film career to their answers. “What should I watch? Robin Hood or The Bodyguard?” one follower replies. We’d pay good, good money to see John Dutton watching a classic Costner flic. Or, at least the price of a Peacock subscription. Wouldn’t you?

Another fan goes even more meta with “Wish I could pitch like Billy Chapel…”, referencing one of the Yellowstone star‘s most beloved sports classics, For Love of the Game.

One fan, however, has completely read our minds with: “Season 4?” as his response.

Is Kevin Costner Ramping Fans Up for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Reveal?

We’re constantly speculating on when to expect Season 4 here at Outsider. Yet with so many fans referencing Jamie in their Monday responses to Kevin Costner, it feels more pertinent to touch on where the hell that relationship will go come Yellowstone‘s return.

It seems to be, after all, the question on every fan’s mind… Will Jamie Dutton betray his father & family in a much bigger way Season 4?

The foreshadowing is strong with this one. After everything Jamie (Wes Bentley) has been through with his Dutton kin, it may honestly be more surprising if he doesn’t betray John (Kevin Costner)Beth (Kelly Reilly), and the lot. While were 99% sure Jamie has no interest in hurting his only remaining brother, Kayce (Luke Grimes), will brotherly love be enough to stop the son of Garret Randall from exacting his revenge?

Even if it’s not revenge, per say, Jamie now has the seeds planted in his head thanks to Randall, his biological father. Let’s not forget, either, that Jamie has already betrayed his Dutton patriarch before. Multiple times, in fact. Things are far beyond holding political office to spite his father, or spilling all to a shady journalist (that is now dead).

And now that Jamie sees both Beth and their father as a “danger to the family business” after Season 3’s bombastic finale – are we in store for some serious ramifications in Yellowstone Season 4?

Hopefully, we’ll find out sooner rather than later.