‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kevin Costner Once Explained How the Series is Different Than His Previous Projects

by Katie Maloney

Yellowstone actor, Kevin Costner revealed the main reason why playing John Dutton is so different from his previous roles.

Kevin Costner’s role as John Dutton in Yellowstone marked his first experience as a regular on a television series. Undoubtedly, his experience on the show has been different than his experiences on the sets of movies like Dances With Wolves, The Untouchables, and Field of Dreams. During an interview in 2019, Costner talked about the main difference between acting for Yellowstone and his previous acting projects. He said that, just like the audience, he never knew exactly what was going to happen in the next episode.

“This series has unfolded, for me, very much like it has for the audience,” said Costner. “I did a pilot and that’s all that was there. There were no other episodes. So, the arc of this show is revealing itself not only to an audience on broadcast, but it’s also revealing itself to me as the scripts come to me. So, that’s a different way of working than I’ve ever worked before.”

In conclusion, just like we were, Kevin Costner was also on the edge of his seat through the entire first season of Yellowstone.

Kevin Costner talked about the difference between acting for television and movies.

Kevin Costner is a Huge Fan of Westerns

Well, kind of. He’s a huge fan of 5-10 western movies. During the same interview, Kevin Costner said that a lot of westerns don’t invest in writing. Instead, they portray cowboys as dumb or illiterate. He’s not into that. He likes western movies that create complicated and authentic characters such as the 1962 movie How The West Was Won. Costner also talked about what drew him to the western films he’s starred in including Dances With Wolves, Silverado, and Open Range.

“There’s a musical dance that I feel when I do a western,” said Costner. “And my draw to it isn’t the gunfight. My draw is how people talk with each other. And the real randomness that was out there in the west for violence. And the types of people refining themselves in the west after the war.”

Costner talked about the connection between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the old west and in modern-day soldiers.

“If you believe that current war heroes are dealing with PTSD, which we do believe that – Imagine when half the country was fighting. And when that war was over, where those people went. A lot of them could never go home again. A lot of them found themselves out in the west. Disturbed. And there was no law out there.”