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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kevin Costner Is Pumped About the Valentine’s Day Weekend Marathon

by Evan Reier
(Photo by: Zach Pagano/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

In need of something to do on Valentine’s Day weekend? Paramount Network has you covered with Yellowstone star Kevin Costner.

And the titular focus of the marathon, Kevin Costner himself, couldn’t be more excited about it coming up.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Costner highlighted the upcoming marathon which will feature both Yellowstone episodes and two of Costner’s acclaimed movies.

A narrator tells fans exactly what they’re going over the montage, saying:

“This Valentine’s Day weekend, enjoy the gift of Kevin Costner,” an announcer declares during the montage. “Share some Dutton love with all three seasons of ‘Yellowstone.’ Plus, ‘Draft Day’ and ‘The Guardian.’ The We Love Kevin Costner Marathon starts Saturday and continues all weekend, on Paramount Network.”

“Doing it big on @paramountnetwork this weekend!” Costner captions the post.

Alongside a run of Yellowstone episodes, the channel will also be airing Draft Day and The Guardian, 2014 and 2006 movies that heavily feature Costner.

While we definitely are down to watch the movies, the idea of getting cozy with a marathon of Outsider.com’s favorite show is the real draw.

More Details on Kevin Costner Marathon

If you’ve got a cable package set up, you might already have Paramount Network loaded. If that’s so, check in any time from Saturday 12 p.m. ET onward to get your Costner fix. If not, don’t worry, you’re not out of luck.

The channel can be streamed on Hulu, which is currently available for as low as $5.99 a month. But be warned: while this may work for the Valentine’s Day marathon, Paramount+ is coming up on the horizon and is set to debut in March.

This may not mean you can’t get any Yellowstone on Hulu, but one would expect the native streaming platform to take primary control of all content from the beloved show.

National Parks Greenlit by ABC

There’s never enough Costner or Yellowstone news these days. Luckily for us, Costner is staying as busy as he can.

After two years of a “pilot commitment” from ABC, Costner’s upcoming program, National Parks, has been given the go-ahead. While Costner won’t star in the program, he is producing it. This is a damn good sign considering that he does the same for Yellowstone.

According to our previous write-up about the announcement, the show follows a group of National Parks Service agents that dive into the rougher, more evil side of national parks. What that exactly entails remains to be seen, but it has us champing at the bit for it to come out.

This is only heightened by Costner saying the show will be a chance to ““step out of his comfort zone and deliver something special.”

We’ll keep ourselves busy with the marathon this weekend, but in the meantime, Outsider.com has everything you want vis a vis Yellowstone and Kevin Costner.