‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kevin Costner Beautifully Speaks on How He Lives His Dream Everyday

by Joe Rutland

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner doesn’t have to talk about California dreamin’ because, according to him, he’s living it right now.

“Well, I’m kind of living my dream,” Costner, who plays John Dutton on Yellowstone, said in an interview with California Road Trips 2021. “I never knew that I would have some of the things I have.

“I live on the ocean,” he said, “[and] I wake up to it. I like a really good waffle in the morning, and then I love seeing my kids head out on their surfboards right from our house.”

Costner said that he thinks to himself, “I don’t know what I’ve done right in my life, but I did this part right.”

Now some people might think that Costner just lives in California because that’s where he can find work. But he really is a California native.

People knew of his work way before Yellowstone appeared on TV.

He’s won two Academy Awards for Dances with Wolves as Best Picture and Best Director. Costner has played John Dutton since 2018 when Yellowstone debuted on the Peacock Network. In June 2019, the Paramount Network gave the show a thumbs-up for a third season among its programs.

‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Go Back and Forth On Whether John Dutton Is A Good Guy Or Not

Believe it or not, Yellowstone fans found another debate to have among themselves on Reddit. This one focuses on John Dutton and whether he is a good guy or a bad guy on the show.

The Reddit thread creator asks a pretty straightforward question. “OK, John Dutton, strong patriarch or symbol of pure evil?” the poster asks.

Numerous Yellowstone fans chime in on the topic with a wide range of varying answers. The consensus appears to be that John Dutton is a little bit of both.

“He is Neither,” a Reddit user states. “John Dutton is a man of shades of gray. He is a classic anti-hero. As a patriarch, he might be strong, but he’s also a horrendous father who has put his ranch and legacy over the well-being of his children.”

The Redditor doesn’t see pure evil in Dutton. But sees that the man has a code, boundaries, and “a soft spot for certain people in his life.

Dutton, who is the owner of Yellowstone ranch, has to find a balance between family man and tough guy.

“He is, as they say, complicated,” another Redditor writes. “Life is gray, and he is human. I also do not believe he is putting the ranch before his family. In his mind, the ranch is an extension of his family. It needs to be preserved as their lifeline to the future — their legacy rather than his own.”