Yellowstone TV: Kevin Costner Tells Fans to Spend The Holidays With The Duttons

by Kayla Zadel

What would the holidays be if there wasn’t some sort of dysfunctional family interjection? Maybe that’s not your family, but it sure describes the Dutton’s from the “Yellowstone” series.

And if you’re looking to catch the “Yellowstone” family in a full display of all their glory, fighting and scheming, then get ready to set your DVRs.

“Spend your holiday weekend with the Duttons,” Kevin Costner shares with his followers on Twitter.

The “Yellowstone: Every Episode Celebration” marathon is starting Saturday, Dec. 26 on the Paramount Network. Get ready to spend the holidays with the Dutton’s, since all three seasons will be airing on the network beginning at 9 AM EST.

The video shared with the post features some clips from the series, plus a few memorable quotes that remind fans to tune in.

“This ranch, it ain’t like no place you’ve ever worked,” Walker the wrangler says, referring to the Yellowstone ranch.

John Dutton “plans to” be partaking in this gift from Paramount Network. Tate, John’s grandson says that “he’s too excited to sleep.”

“Miracles never cease,” and we have to agree with you on that one John, especially when it comes to our favorite series airing in its entirety.

Waiting for Fourth Season of ‘Yellowstone’

Fans can now watch every single episode of the hit western drama while they wait for season four to debut.

We do know that filming of season four has wrapped and the cast and crew even filmed in a new location. What we don’t know is really any details about the fourth installment of “Yellowstone.”

Some fans are speculating that there will be a time jump. Others think that there will be flashbacks depicting the attempt to assassinate the Dutton family.

A select number of viewers believe that Kayce Dutton and Rip Wheeler will join forces to get revenge on these assailants. Then there are those that think Kayce and Monica’s relationship won’t survive the tumultuous times of the fourth season.

What do we think will happen to the Dutton clan? It’s hard to say. What we do know is that this family is tough as nails.

To sum up our feelings about the end of season three and this waiting period, we’re going to quote the patriarch, “My whole life’s just a long series of losin’ things I love. I’m not gonna lose this one, Rip. Not this one.”