‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kevin Costner and Will Patton, Jamie Dutton’s Biological and Adopted Fathers, Costarred in a Previous Film

by Thad Mitchell

Already one of the most popular shows on television, Yellowstone continues building upon its massive fan base.

One of the reasons for the show’s immense popularity is the incredible acting and plight of primary characters. Kevin Costner headlines the strong cast but he is far from the only star on Yellowstone Ranch. Veteran actors Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes and Kelly Reilly form one of the best cast currently on television. With so many talented actors on the show, it comes as no surprise that a few of them have previously worked together.

The show often introduces new characters into storylines in order to keep the plot moving forward. In season three, veteran actor Will Patton joins the cast in an important role as Garrett Randall. The veteran actor has been a Hollywood lead in several movies and has worked with Costner before.

The two also star in the 1997 thriller film “The Postman.” Costner plays the titular character, the Postman. Patton plays the Postman’s nemesis, General Bethlehem, in the post-apocalyptic film. The story revolves around Costner’s character roaming a dystopian earth, looking to “restore the United States of America.”

Despite being considered a flop at the box office, Costner and Patton shine in their collective roles. The chemistry between the two actors is evident throughout the movie.

Patton’s Yellowstone character, Garrett Randall, is the biological father of Jamie Dutton, who is currently Montana’s Attorney General. While he hasn’t caused much trouble yet, Patton’s character could be in line for a bigger role in the upcoming new season. Many are speculating Randall will emerge as a primary antagonist and adversary to Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton. Kevin Costner plays the role of the grizzled but compassionate John Dutton to near perfection.

Yellowstone Fans Prepare For the Arrival of New Season

Fans of the Paramount Network series are eagerly awaiting the show’s return for a fourth season. The new season expects to be on air at some point this summer with a June start a strong possibility. With season three ending on an edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger, followers of the show haven’t stopped talking about it, The internet is full of message board forums with dedicated fans of the show still buzzing about the third season-ending.

Yellowstone fans are hoping to see more of Patton and Costner together in the upcoming season, though it isn’t a given. Costner’s Dutton was shot numerous times in the chest at the conclusion of season three. His status is very much up in the air as we move into season four. Many Yellowstone followers believe Patton’s Randall could be behind the attacks on the Dutton family.

With the new season drawing closer by the day, Yellowstone fans won’t have to wait much longer for answers. Learn more on the latest from Yellowstone here.