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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kevin Costner’s Costar Has to ‘Pinch’ Himself When They Work Together

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo: Paramount+/Paramount Network)

Mo Brings Plenty was allegedly only supposed to appear in one season of “Yellowstone”, but 4 seasons in and his character is still going strong. Incredibly strong, actually, as some fans think he’s “stealing the show.” But it’s all good, because Mo is a lot of fans’ favorite character. Brings Plenty plays the character with such heart and respect to his heritage, it’s incredibly hard not to like him.

But, Brings Plenty has said that he’s still not used to being a star. Especially when he works with Kevin Costner. He spoke to Morning in America recently about his character, and what it’s like to work on “Yellowstone”.

“There are times I still have to pinch myself, you know because I grew up on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. And, and now here I am,” he said. “I’m standing here side-by-side with Kevin Costner. I’m like, is this for real?”

A lot of “Yellowstone” stars have had similar things to say about Costner. It seems like they’re all in awe of him on set. Understandably, he’s a legendary actor with the resume to prove it. In a recent Stories from the Bunkhouse video, stars Denim Richards, Jefferson White, and Ian Bohen had only good things to say about their co-star.

“For Kevin, I think that he’s always done a great job for us as artists,” said Richards. “He’s always rooting for you.” White agreed, stating, “He’s conscious of how much gravity he has when he’s on a set. So he’ll always check in and make sure you’re cool too. He’s really good at both being a leader but also being a collaborator.”

‘Yellowstone’: Mo Brings Plenty Discusses Going to ‘Sacred Place’

In episode 9 of “Yellowstone”, Mo and Rainwater instruct Kayce in his Vision Quest ceremony. He has to go up on a hill for 3 to 4 days, with no food or water, until he has answers to his questions. The ceremony is meant to help “better understand […] oneness with all things and gain knowledge of the Great Spirit,” according to the Akta Lakota Museum. Kayce has been seeing a wolf everywhere, and he wants to know why.

In a Behind the Story segment from “Yellowstone”, Gil Birmingham and Mo Brings Plenty spoke about the inclusion of the ceremony. They have firsthand knowledge of the preparations and traditions; because of their knowledge, the show was able to portray the ceremony with respect and accuracy.

“On that ride there for me emotionally, I was really going to that, what we consider a sacred place,” said Brings Plenty. “It’s spot on. There’s a true battle that goes on within us. That place is where we begin to find ourselves.”

Birmingham described the ceremony itself, saying, “It’s one of the most arduous and challenging journeys that somebody can take. But there’s a purifying and a cleansing of stripping all your thoughts to be distilled down to the simplest form of who you actually are, who you really are, and that discovery can change your life.”