‘Yellowstone’ TV: Get to Know Willa Hayes Actress Karen Pittman

by Katie Maloney

Where have you seen “Yellowstone” actress Karen Pittman before?

“Yellowstone” fans all know actress Karen Pittman for her role as Willa Hayes on the show. Hayes is the cutthroat CEO of Market Equities. Early on in the show, Hayes’ firm expressed an interest in the Dutton’s land. Hayes traveled to Bozeman after learning that Beth smashed her shareholders’ stocks. At the end of this last season, Hayes used her leverage on Schwartz & Meyer to have Beth fired from her job. In conclusion, Willa Hayes is another cog in the “Yellowstone” drama wheel.

But actress Karen Pittman has been around Hollywood for much longer than just the “Yellowstone” series. Here’s everything you need to know about the “Yellowstone” actress.

Who Is Karen Pittman?

Pittman was born in Mississippi and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She attended Northwestern University just outside of Chicago, Illinois where she received her Bachelor of Science in Voice and Opera. She later attended NYU’s Masters of Fine Arts Graduate Acting Program. After graduating, Pittman broke into show business via Broadway. She starred in the TONY nominated, Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway play “Disgraced.” She also starred in the critically acclaimed play “Pipeline” at Live at Lincoln Center. 

Karen Pittman and Kelly Reilly in “Yellowstone”

What Others Shows Has ‘Yellowstone’ Actress Karen Pittman Starred In?

It didn’t take long after her success on Broadway for Pittman to start landing roles in popular television shows. She started her Hollywood career by appearing in shows including “30 Rock,” “Law & Order,” “White Collar” and “One Life to Live.” Then she started getting speaking roles in shows including “House of Cards,” “The Americans,” “Luke Cage,” “Homeland” and, of course, “Yellowstone.” She’s also currently starring as Mia Jordan in Apple TV’s “The Morning Show.”

Is Karen Pittman in Any Movies?

TV isn’t the only place you can find Karen Pittman. In addition to her work on shows like “Yellowstone,” Pittman has also acted in several movies including “The Bourne Legacy” and “Begin Again.” She also has roles in two upcoming movies that have yet to be released. Both “What We Do Next,” and “Allies” are currently in post-production.

What’s in Store for Willa Hayes on ‘Yellowstone?’

As all you “Yellowstone” fans know, last season left us with some pretty intense cliffhangers. A bomb exploded in Beth’s office while she was getting ready to clean out her desk for good. No one knows who planted the bomb. No one knows who survived or who passed. All we know is that, if Willa Hayes was involved with the incident in any way, she’s going to have an entire ranch of dedicated (and angry) ranch hands to face. You’ll just have to watch “Yellowstone” Season Four to find out.