‘Yellowstone’ TV: Laramie Actress Hassie Harrison Rocks Cowboy Hat to Celebrate Birthday

by Charles Craighill

Today, the Yellowstone actress Hassie Harrison turns 31 years old. With that, she joins the select few who have had two birthdays since the start of the pandemic. That may not seem like a club you would want to be a part of, however, the Laramie actress looks like she’s enjoying herself just fine.

She posted a fun photo of herself wearing a cowboy hat and drinking a glass of wine on Instagram for her birthday.

“It’s my second pandemic bday!” she captioned the post. Hassie Harrison looks like she is ready to shoot another episode of Yellowstone with her outfit.

While Laramie doesn’t always wear a cowboy hat in the show, Harrison has no problem wearing one for this shot. Even her top, which could either be an unbuttoned shirt or a robe of sorts, gives off big western vibes.

She posted the picture around noon and knows that it’s five o’clock somewhere as Jimmy Buffett would say. None of us will tell her not to start drinking early on her birthday. We’d join in, if we weren’t busy covering our favorite shows like Yellowstone. Cheers to the Yellowstone star on her thirty-first birthday.

Hassie Harrison Outside of Yellowstone

While her role as Laramie on the hit show Yellowstone might be her most well-known role, Hassie Harrison has been around the entertainment block a time or two. Since growing up in Dallas, Harrison has involved herself with theatre. In fact, her mother worked with the Dallas Children’s Theatre throughout Hassie’s childhood, so she had ample opportunity to refine her passion.

“So growing up, I was always taking classes and going to plays,” the Yellowstone star told Popculturalist. “I think I always knew this was going to be a part of my life’s path. My love of film also brought me here. I saw all these actors living it up and I wanted in on the fun!”

She attended college for performing arts in Los Angeles at the ripe old age of fifteen-years-old. After that, she moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to study European cinema. Since then, she has appeared on a number of television shows and films.

For instance, her first role was on the 2014 show L.A. Rangers in 2014. She has even appeared in a music video outside of her Yellowstone duties. At just 31, Hassie Harrison clearly has a bright future ahead of her. We wish her the best and a happy second pandemic birthday.