‘Yellowstone’ TV: Laramie and Mia Crash ‘the Bunkhouse’ in Latest Photo from the Show

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s got two new images for fans Tuesday as they celebrate “Crashing the Bunkhouse vibes” on Twitter with Mia & Laramie.

Yellowstone fans know Eden Brolin, daughter to Hollywood icon Josh Brolin, as barrel racer Mia. We first met Mia through Jimmy’s eyes – and audiences fell for her just as fast as the troubled young ranch hand. Mia, however, doesn’t know if she’s capable of loving a man of his persuadable nature. She has stuck by his side and proven she cares for him deeply, this is true. Yet she also makes it clear she can’t be with anyone who lets another man (see: John Dutton) “own him.”

And then there’s Hassie Harrison as barrel racer Laramie. What a gem (insert heart emojis here). We met Laramie in Season 3, too – but through the eyes of Yellowstone elder and Outsider favorite, Lloyd Pierce. Most, however, got to know Harrison as part of the Tacoma FD cast well before Yellowstone‘s came onto the scene.

To say both of these ladies changed the bunkhouse (and the “boys” in it) forever would be an understatement. This is exactly why Yellowstone’s official Twitter is celebrating the pair with “Crashing the Bunkhouse vibes” Tuesday:

Both images above are new to us Outsiders. This is saying something, given how much we cover our favorite show here on the site. Never a bad thing, eh? Especially considering how impossible it is not to love Harrison as Laramie. The writing for Mia may make her a bit harder to love, but she’s absolutely earned her place on the show, too.


Either way, the bunkers of Yellowstone are a rough, morally ambiguous group, and an absolute highlight of Season 3 was Laramie’s introduction. Her resulting “super fascinating” relationship with Lloyd Pierce is priceless.

“I don’t think Laramie sees age,” Hassie Harrison says of her Yellowstone romance in a Paramount highlight reel . “I think she definitely sees his soul. She kind of clocks that he’s the alpha in the room, and that’s who she wants to be saddled up to,” she says of Lloyd.

On his end of it all, actor Forrie J. Smith adds in the same montage that “she’s such a strong woman. My heart got on my sleeve a little bit.”

Things do become a bit more… Complicated for the pair by the end of Season 3. But here’s to hoping we see more of Laramie come Yellowstone Season 4 in Fall 2021.

As for Mia, Yellowstone also has a brilliant montage for her and Jimmy’s beginnings via their official Instagram. Within, the beginning of this troublesome romance plays out. It is worth a re-watch, for sure, as the chemistry between actors Jefferson White and Eden Brolin makes it all worthwhile:

“Ain’t gonna say nothin’?” Mia smiles from at the young bunker.

“I didn’t really plan this out past comin’ over here…” Jimmy stumbles.

“Yeah…” Mia smiles. “I saw you at Three Forks… You scored an 89. Beat my brother.”

“I didn’t see you, or I would remember…”

“I was in the stands. Uhm… you are Jimmy Hurdstrom,” Mia smiles again.

“You, uh, you know my name?” Jimmy half-asks.

Give the rest of the footage and dialogue a spin with us right here on Outsider as we count down the weeks ’til Yellowstone Season 4.