‘Yellowstone’ TV Just Delivered the Lessons We All Need with ‘Life According to John Dutton’ Video

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

From “becoming a grandfather” to “board games”, let the timeless wisdom of Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton guide you through life.

Take out the murder and highly-questionable family ethics, and John Dutton is absolutely full of life lessons. It’s fiction, after all, so we Yellowstone fans can do exactly this if we like, right? With a new featurette, the show itself is doing so, too.

Courtesy of Yellowstone‘s official Twitter, we now have the excellence that is “Life According to John Dutton”. Within, the show relives nearly all of the patriarch’s best lines, channeling them via a montage of life lessons through specific topics.

The resulting featurette is a brilliant look back at what makes Kevin Costner’s iconic character tick, with Yellowstone asking: “What would John Dutton do?”

“Let the wise words Yellowstone’s patriarch guide you through life,” the show offers. And abide we shall. Without the killing, of course:

It’s no Season 4 teaser, but any new content from Yellowstone always feels a blessing for fans. The care put into this particular featurette makes it feel a welcomed change of pace, too.

Relive John Dutton’s Best Lines on ‘Yellowstone’

“That’s life. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s cruel and uncaring,” John tells his youngest son, Kayce. The line kicks off a fantastic slew of one-liners from the father figure we all wish we had. Again, aside from the murder and deep emotional scarring, of course.

Relive the best dialogue from the one and only Dutton King below, and get even more anxious for Season 4 with your fellow Outsiders:

On Vigilance: “The whole world’s a test, son. Don’t ever let it trick you into thinking different.”

On Grizzly Bears: “Get back before that thing eats somebody!”

“It seems friendly,” the Yellowstone tourist replies.

“It’s not,” John laughs with incredible frustration.

On Fishing: “Trout are like bankers… Don’t do a damn thing in the morning.”

On Future Planning: “Living day to day isn’t living, Monica. It’s surviving. With no regard for tomorrow.”

On Redemption: “That’s the thing about being a grandfather. I get to do all the things I wish I’d done with my children. And the things I regret, I get to do different.”

On Promises: “I made a promise. And I’d rather lose it than break it.”

On Sharing: “This is America. We don’t share land here.”

On Board Games: “This ain’t checkers, son. It’s chess. And you’re about to play it with masters.”

On Leadership: “I never had much luck on leading men and being their friend,” he tells Kayce. “Maybe it can be different for you.”

And this Yellowstone fan’s all time favorite: “Well if ranching’s so hard, how come we do it?” Tate asks.

“Because it’s one hell of a life, son. One hell of a life,” John responds. Chills. Every time.

Yellowstone returns for Season 4 this summer.