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‘Yellowstone’ TV: A List of Possible Reasons Why Season 4 Hasn’t Premiered Yet

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

With the month of June winding down to its final days, the patience of “Yellowstone” fans is being greatly tested as the wait rolls on.

Pretty much everyone expected the fourth season of “Yellowstone” to have premiered by now. All signs seemed to point to June as the month we could expect new episodes. Many have had June 20, Father’s Day, circled as a possible new season premiere date. All three previous seasons of the show debuted their first episode on Father’s Day. June 20 came and went without even a hint of a timeline for season four. Perhaps even more frustrating than the delay is the lack of information out there regarding the fourth season. “Yellowstone” fans simply do not have much to go on as producers have maintained radio silence in the past few months.

Eventually, we will have new episodes of “Yellowstone” and all will be right with the world again. Until then, let’s look at a few possible reasons for the hold-up of season four.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Isn’t Finished Yet

Filming for the new season of “Yellowstone” was thought to have wrapped up earlier this year. That wasn’t the case as it appears showrunners are filming new scenes and reshooting others. It is nothing new for a television show to face a delay due to the need for additional scenes or reshooting scenes. Earlier this month, a casting call was made for extras to appear in a “protest” scene. The scene called for extras to play various roles like protestors, law enforcement officers and bystanders. The casting call notes filming for this scene was to begin on June 20 in Hamilton, Montana.

Filming and reshooting would certainly provide a reasonable and logical reason as to why season four is in delay.

The Olympics Are Coming Soon

With the summer games arriving next month, it might be wise of “Yellowstone” to wait until the Olympics are over. One of the most-watched sporting events of all time, the Olympics will see millions upon millions tune in. Head-to-head television ratings competition against the summer games is a no-win situation. It would certainly lead to some interesting and tough decisions being made in the homes of television watchers.

An Unconventional Marketing Ploy

Could a delay in the new season be a play to build up hype around “Yellowstone” and work fans into a tizzy? It isn’t likely but it could certainly work. Fans of the show are starving for new episodes. Suspense regarding “Yellowstone” is at an all-time high as we wait for a new season. It seems that everyone is talking about the show – perhaps that is exactly what the producers want.

Regardless of when “Yellowstone” makes its debut, fans of the heavily popular show will most assuredly tune in. So, stay patient “Yellowstone” fans. Good things come to those who wait.