‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Lloyd’ Actor Forrie J. Smith Drops Awesome New Pic After Being Invited to North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” veteran actor Forrie J. Smith is living the good life as his show has now wrapped up filming for its newest season.

With “Yellowstone” currently on hiatus, Smith is one of many cast members soaking up some free time. Also, like many of his colleagues, he is sharing his latest activities with “Yellowstone” fans and social media followers. His most recent adventure took him to North Dakota to spend some time at the state’s Cowboy Hall of Fame. On Tuesday, he shared a photo of his trip up north on his Instagram page. It is safe to say that Smith deeply enjoyed his visit to North Dakota and his time at the Cowboys Hall of Fame.

“Thank you North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame for bringing me up!” Smith said in the post’s caption. “Met a lot of great people!”

The photo shows Smith posing with a bronze statue on a clear and sunny day in North Dakota.

Yellowstone Ranch Hand Lloyd Is A Fan Favorite

As with most everything Forrie J. Smith related, his Tuesday afternoon post took in a lot of attention. A social bunch, North Dakota “Yellowstone” fans made sure to make the actor feel right at home. Some even commented on his Instagram post and thanked him for making the trip.

“It was great to meet you, pal!” a fans says in the post’s comments section.

On “Yellowstone,” Forrie J. Smith plays senior ranch hand and respected bunkhouse leader Lloyd. The grizzled cowboy has become a fan favorite among “Yellowstone” watchers for his grit and capability on the ranch.

Despite being the oldest member of the Yellowstone Ranch bunkhouse crew by a wide margin, Lloyd can more than hold his own. As the respected veteran of the crew, Lloyd has shown a willingness to assist and mentor the younger ranch hands. He’s taken a liking to Yellowstone Ranch newcomer Jimmy and the two have bonded over their mutual love for buckle bunnies.

As Rip Wheeler’s right-hand man, Lloyd is not only a great cowboy but has shown the willingness to handle some Dutton family dirty work. In season one, we see Lloyd take wayward ranch hand, Fred, to the Train Station in one of the memorable scenes through the show’s first three seasons.

Of course, there is no train station at the end of this drive. Instead, Lloyd sends Fred on a trip on the long, black train.

We still don’t have a premiere date for the fourth season of “Yellowstone” but it is expected to begin next month. Fans hope to see more of Lloyd in the new season.