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‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Lloyd’ Actor Forrie J. Smith Poses for Fan Pic with ‘Buckle Bunny on My First Rodeo’

by Thad Mitchell
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

A couple of big Yellowstone fans recently got a big treat when they met actor Forrie J. Smith at a rodeo event.

Smith celebrated his 62nd birthday just yesterday with numerous fans chiming in on social media to wish him a happy birthday. It isn’t a shock to see Smith, better known as “Lloyd” on Yellowstone, at a live rodeo event. In addition to playing a cowboy on the television show, he is also a real-life cowboy and very familiar with the rodeo.

The fans were extremely pleased to meet Smith, who was kind enough to pose for a photo with the young couple. The pics with the Yellowstone star were uploaded and shared on Reddit. The photos can be found here.

Buckle bunny on my first rodeo from r/YellowstonePN

The fan hilariously refers to Smith as a “buckle bunny” in the post, saying she got a buckle bunny at her first rodeo.

According to Lloyd’s own definition, a buckle bunny is a young lady who hangs out at rodeos hoping to lasso in a cowboy. The term is first brought up as Lloyd explains the “benefits” of being a rodeo cowboy to Yellowstone ranch hand Jimmy.

Yellowstone Ranchers Nab ‘Buckle Bunnies’

Not long after Jimmy begins his rodeo journey, he nabs himself a “buckle bunny” named Mia. Eager to impress her, Jimmy severely injures himself while riding a bucking horse. Even after he heels up, his desire for Mia puts him right back on another bucking horse. We last see Jimmy at the end of season three lying facedown in the dirt and unconscious having fallen off the horse. His fate heading into season four is very much up in the air.

Lloyd also finds himself a buckle bunny named Laramie. In the hilarious scene above, Lloyd confesses that he has been doing the young ladies’ bidding and now considers himself to the buckle bunny. Their relationship is not for long as we last see Laramie in the bunkhouse waking up next to ranch hand Walker. It is an odd love triangle to say the least but one that would make for an incredible storyline in season four. Walker already has his share of bunkhouse enemies, namely Rip, so a rivalry between him and Lloyd over Laramie would be interesting, to say the least.