‘Yellowstone’ TV: Lloyd Actor Forrie J. Smith Releases Whiskey Collaboration, Donating Portion of Proceeds to Children’s Shriner Hospital

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone actor Forrie J. Smith is doing big things both in front of the camera and in the real world.

As Yellowstone Ranch hand, Lloyd, Smith is one of several breakout stars on the Paramount Network series. Though the show does not reveal his age, Lloyd is the clear elder statesman of the Yellowstone bunkhouse crew. He has the immense respect of his cowboy peers and doesn’t mind lending his wealth of experience to newcomers. He has especially taken a liking to fellow ranch hand Jimmy, acting as a mentor to the rookie cowboy, showing him the ways of the ranch. It is safe to say that Lloyd has made Forrie J. Smith a household name among the Yellowstone faithful.

Away from Yellowstone, Smith has gained just as much respect as his cowboy counterpart. That is because Smith spent a good portion of his life as an actual cowboy. The cowboy-turned actor was such a natural fit for the modern western that creator Taylor Sheridan didn’t think twice about giving him the role.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor’s New Bourbon Will Benefit Children’s Hospital

Smith’s latest off-set venture shows he also has an entrepreneurial spirit and more importantly — a big heart. The actor is teaming with Texas-based brewers Oak and Eden to create his own bourbon whiskey.

In a recent social media post, Smith says the product is a “bold, cowboy-coffee-infused bourbon. He also reveals that each sale of the product will result in a donation to a children’s medical facility.

“Launch Day…Today!” he says in the Instagram post announcing the collaboration. “Oak and Eden: The Anthro Series. Forrie J. Smith, a.k.a. Lloyd on Paramount Network’s hit TV show, Yellowstone partnered with Oak and Eden to create a bold cowboy coffee-infused bourbon! Forrie is donating five -ollars from every sale to the Shriner’s Children Hospital.”

The post includes a link to where the whiskey product can be bought. The Monday post took in well over 1,000 “likes” and dozens of comments. Some commenters say their mouths are watering just thinking about trying Smith’s new bourbon. Others point out what a tremendous gift the actor is giving to such a worthy cause.

Yellowstone fans are excited about what is in store for Lloyd in the upcoming new season. The series will be returning for a fourth season this summer.