‘Yellowstone’ TV: Lloyd Actor Forrie J. Smith To Put Cowboy Skills to Work in New Trade Show Event

by Keeli Parkey

If you are a fan of “Yellowstone” and you happen to find yourself near Dodge City, Kansas, late next month you will have a chance to see one of show’s actors live and in person.

That “Yellowstone” actor is Forrie J. Smith. He plays Lloyd on the hit Paramount Network series about the drama surrounding the cattle ranch owned by the Dutton family. Also, Smith’s character is a ranch hand on the property. His history with John Dutton – the character played by Kevin Costner – for many, many years.

According to a post the “Yellowstone” actor shared on Instagram on Wednesday (June 16), Smith plans to participate in the Cattle U & Trade Show 2021. This event is scheduled for July 29-30 in Dodge City, Kansas. Smith plans to speak to attendees on July 30 at 3:30 p.m. at United Wireless Arena. The “Yellowstone” actor plans to share more information as it becomes available via social media.

Smith’s post also shares information about how to get a discounted ticket if you want to attend. He also shares details about what attendees can expect to experience at Cattle U & Trade Show 2021.

Here’s what “Yellowstone” actor Forrie J. Smith had to say on Instagram: “Forrie J. will be riding into Dodge City, Kansas for the amazing Cattle U & Trade Show 2021 event on July 29-30, 2021!!. I will be speaking on Friday, July 30 at 3:30 p.m. at the #unitedwirelessarena … This two-day event will feature keynotes, industry panels, breakout sessions, a trade show, and networking opportunities for cattlemen and women. I will be posting the schedule–stay tuned for more infor. Register today at cattleu.net.”

Forrie J. Smith Has Appeared in Films with Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone

In addition to his role as the character, Lloyd, on “Yellowstone,” Forrie J. Smith also appeared in the 2016 film “Hell or High Water.” This film starred Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges. He also appeared in the 2013 film “2 Guns.” This movie starred Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, and Bill Paxton. Smith is also known for his appearance in “Rambo III” in 1988. This movie starred Sylvester Stallone in the title role.

Fans of ‘Yellowstone’ Notice Interesting Detail in Cowboy Hat Worn By Lloyd

“Yellowstone” fans are nothing if not observant. Recently, they put their skills to work regarding the cowboy hat that Forrie J. Smith’s character Lloyd wears in the show.

One fan of “Yellowstone” took to Reddit to talk about what he or she thinks they spotted on the brim of his cowboy hat.

“In the episode ‘Goin’ Back to Cali’ when Rip and Lloyd come upon the bikers fighting in the field with Ryan, Colby and Teeter, is that one of those dental floss pick things in the brim of Lloyd’s hat? It’s on the right side of his head,” the fan shared.

This sparked some debate. Another “Yellowstone” fan wasn’t sure if the object was, in fact, “one of those dental floss pick things.”

“Lloyd has a fairly wide, plain black hatband. The mystery item seemed a bit larger than a floss pick and at times even looked a bit silvery,” this viewer shared. “… So, it’s still kind of a mystery.”

You can always expect mystery out of “Yellowstone.”