Yellowstone TV: Lloyd’s Best Quotes Ahead of Season 4 Release

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s Lloyd, played to perfection by real-life cowboy, Forrie J. Smith, has some of the absolute best lines in the entire series – and we’ve gathered them all right here in anticipation of Season 4.

We’re preaching to the choir, but there’s no counting the strengths of Yellowstone for us fans. It’s the best of so many worlds, all combining into the best modern television has to offer. If we had to pinpoint one strength on behalf of this feature, however, it’d be authenticity.

Through the watchful eyes of Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, the show remains as true-to-life as it can within such a high-stakes, neo-reality Western. At the forefront of all of this – is casting. While some actors like Kevin Costner have decades of equestrian experience, others are the absolute real deal. And that’s where Forrie J. Smith comes in.

Smith, the actor behind ranch hand Lloyd, is perfect for the role not just in looks, attitude, and swagger – but because he’s a real life cowboy. A long-time Hollywood stuntman and actor, Yellowstone is Smith’s first series regular role, and we love the show for bringing him into such a prominent place in the story.

Yellowstone’s Best Quotes: Ranch Hand Lloyd

Through Smith, the show’s writers are able to craft some of the absolute best dialogue of the entire show, as well. Saying Lloyd has some of Yellowstone‘s best quotes also feels like the understatement of the century.

Let’s take a look back at some of said dialogue from the “pray like hell, and hold on” cowboy we all know and love – all in anticipation of his Season 4 return.

  • “Pray like hell, and hold on.”
  • “Rough business becoming a man, ain’t it? Beats the alternative, though…”
  • “It’s the shame that hurts the most, you know? But shame, it’s in the mind. You can turn that faucet off whenever you want to.”
  • “You know, you did something that no one does, Rip. You’ve outlived your past.”
  • “Mechanical bulls are for drunk chicks at the county fair. If you’re gonna rodeo, you need to find out if you’ve got the stomach for it now.”
  • “She’s old enough to vote and buy bullets. Don’t blame me for her bad judgment.”

That last one is by far one of Yellowstone“s best bits of writing. For this author’s favorite Lloyd quote, however, we’ve got to look to his most recent interactions with Monica Dutton in Season 3:

“You’re either born a willow – or your born an oak. That’s all there is to it.”

Lloyd and Jimmy

Sharp Yellowstone fans will also note that many of the prior fantastic Lloyd quotes are directed not just at Rip – but Jimmy, as well. As a surrogate father figure to young Jimmy, Lloyd is given true purpose in the show – much to fan’s delight. The chemistry between Forrie J. Smith & Jimmy’s Jefferson White is effortlessly perfect. As such, this last batch is dedicated to some of their best interactions of the entire show.

  • [to Jimmy] “Damn. Two dances, and here I am haulin’ ’em to the arena, saddlin’ their horses, sittin’ in the bleachers watchin’ ’em. Now I’m the damn buckle bunny.”
  • Jimmy: You ever have a girl look at you and your whole world just stops? Lloyd: Every Saturday night. Now come on; focus!
  • Lloyd: Jimmy, you ain’t got sense enough to pour warm piss outta your boot. Jimmy: Look, I know it’s an insult, but I just don’t know how.

“Now I’m the damn buckle bunny” belongs on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and a big ol’ Tervis.

And oh, Jimmy. You’re beyond lucky to have Lloyd – and so are us Yellowstone fans. For several of these quotes, and a whole lot more brilliance from these two, check out Paramount Network’s highlight reel for the pair below.

And as always, stay with us here on for everything Yellowstone in anticipation of Season 4.