‘Yellowstone’ TV: Looking Back at Intense Moment Ryan the Ranch Hand Was Shot

by Jon D. B.

Relive the intense moment Ryan takes a full shotgun blast to the chest – but lives to tell the tale thanks to Yellowstone SEAL veteran Kayce Dutton.

“Anyone else hold their breath when Ryan got shot?” Yellowstone‘s official Twitter asks. And of course, the answer is yes. When you’re as invested as audiences are with the characters of Yellowstone… it’s impossible not to have a reaction to a scene as riveting as this. Especially when the lives of both Ryan and Kayce Dutton are on the line.

Within, we see Kayce as hard into SEAL mode as he’s been since the execution of Monica’s brother in Season 1. But he’s not alone. Yellowstone ranch hand and fellow cattle officer Ryan is along for the ride. And if not for Kayce – the ride would’ve been his last.

But thankfully, Kayce has full mastery of the situation. From military tactics to saving fellow officer’s (and friend’s) lives, here we see Kayce for the modern warrior he has become. Ryan? Maybe not so much. Maybe he’ll get there… This scene, however, does a pretty good job of showing how different the lives lived by Kayce and Ryan have been – and how they operate as a result.

Yellowstone Cattle Shootout: Kayce Saves Ryan’s Life

As Kayce leads his fellow officers into the life-or-death situation, Ryan goes directly for the wall of the cattle thief’s trailer for cover.

“Get off the wall!” Kayce whispers harshly to him. Ryan isn’t privy to Kayce’s NAVY SEAL training at all.

“Get off the f*cking wall!” Kayce scowls again, trying to save Ryan’s life. “Turn your chest to the wall,” he says to the ranch hand. And just in time, too. A full shotgun load bursts through the thin walls of the trailer, hitting Ryan right as he does as Kayce instructs.

Fans watching this episode when it aired were completely caught off guard, and had no idea if Ryan had just been killed off or not. But *spoiler alert* he survives the encounter, all thanks to Kayce Dutton.

After Kayce downs the perp, he immediately goes to check on Ryan. “You gonna live?” he hurries over as Ryan is gasping for air underneath his bulletproof vest. “I told you to turn your chest to the wall,” Kayce says as he rips open the vest constricting Ryan’s airways. “That woulda hit you in the side, we’d be scooping you in a body bag with a shovel…” Kayce so eloquently tells his alive friend.

“That’s pretty f*cking descriptive…” Ryan chokes as he gets up.

What a scene. Relive the full, intense exchange below:

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