‘Yellowstone’ TV Looks Back at Iconic Exchange Between Thomas Rainwater and Mo

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone fans are anxiously awaiting the return of Paramount Network series, with a premiere likely coming this summer.

In the meantime, Yellowstone loyalists are doing their best to pass the time by discussing the show. Internet forums are full of fans posting their theories and speculating on the fate of their favorite characters. While some fans are still buzzing about the way season three ends, others are digging deeper in an effort to find clues on the ranch’s future.

Yellowstone’s social media pages have been active as of late, posting pivotal scenes and encouraging topics of discussion. A Monday Instagram post provides a clip of an iconic scene between Chief Rainwater and his right-hand man, Mo. The scene plays a key role in establishing the relationship between the two characters. Both are prominent leaders in the Native American Reservation that is in close proximity with Yellowstone Ranch.

“Suggesting things isn’t my job,” the social media post says in quoting Mo.

Yellowstone Actors Create Pivotal Scene

The scene is incredibly well done by actors Gil Birmingham, who plays Rainwater, and Mo Brings Plenty, who plays Mo. In the scene, Rainwater is seeking advice from Mo as to what actions need to be taken in regards to the Dutton family and Yellowstone Ranch.

“When there is one thing that two men want — they can either share it or become enemies,” Rainwater says. “Are you suggesting that we share it?”

In a response that shows the Native American enforcer’s wisdom and loyalty, Mo deflects the Chairman’s question.

“Suggesting things isn’t my job, Chairman,” he says. “It’s yours.”

The scene exemplifies Mo’s loyalty to Rainwater and the reservation that both men love. Mo makes clear that it is Rainwater’s decision to make and that he has his support no matter which direction he chooses.

The dynamic between Rainwater and Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton is critical to the show’s story. It is likely this relationship will be a focal point moving into the fourth season. Will they choose to “share” the property they both covet and become allies or will they become enemies?

With the fourth season inching closer, Yellowstone fans won’t have to wait long for answers.