‘Yellowstone’ TV Looks Back on ‘Moment It All Began’ Between Jimmy and Mia

by Jon D. B.

What a whirlwind it’s been for Jimmy and Mia so far on Yellowstone. These two fell for each other at first sight, but it’s been anything but an easy road for the young lovebirds.

While our focus heading into Season 4 is the survival of the Dutton family, we can’t overlook other beloved characters who’s lives hang in the balance. When we last left Jimmy, after all, he, too, was fighting for his life. Many fans, however, argue that Mia is the reason he’s fighting for his life. But when push comes to shove, our decisions must be our own – and Jimmy has proven he’s not the best at making his own decisions.

Mia doesn’t know if she’s capable of loving a man of this nature, either. She’s stuck by his side and proven she cares for him deeply, sure. But she’s also made it clear that she can’t be with a man who lets another man (one John Dutton) “own him.” This mentality – in the end – may have cost Jimmy his life.

Thankfully, we’re (99%) sure that fan-favorite Jimmy Hurdstrom will be back for Yellowstone Season 4. These two do, after all, have one of the best love stories on the entire show.

While we wait, let’s shake all this emotional baggage off for a bit and relive the first moment these two lovebirds met.

WATCH: When Jimmy Met Mia

“Jimmy Meets Mia – The moment it all began,” Yellowstone posts to Instagram. Within, the entire beginning of Jimmy and Mia’s romance plays out. It is absolutely worth a re-watch, as the chemistry between actors Jefferson White and Eden Brolin is palpable:

“Ain’t gonna say nothin’?” Mia smiles from atop her horse.

“I didn’t really plan this out past comin’ over here…” Jimmy stumbles.

“Yeah…” Mia smiles. “I saw you at Three Forks… You scored an 89. Beat my brother.”

“I didn’t see you, or I would remember…”

“I was in the stands. Uhm… you are Jimmy Hurdstrom,” Mia smiles again.

“You, uh, you know my name?” Jimmy half-asks.

“Like I said I saw you in Three Forks. I’m Mia,” she declares, completely owning their first interaction.

“I’m trying really hard to think of something to say and nothin’s comin’ out…”

“You could ask me on a date,” Mia replies, continuing her forward ownership.

“I could… I could do that!” Jimmy lights up.

“So do it,” she replies with a huge grin.

And the rest – as they say – is history. Give the rest of the scene a watch below for a reminder as to why we Yellowstone fans are so deeply invested in the Jimmy & Mia love story.

Another pivotal, sweet moment comes when Lloyd fusses at Jimmy to ready for the rodeo. Mia asks if that’s his dad. “Kinda, yeah,” Jimmy smiles. Brilliant touch for a show full of complex, yet powerful, relationships.

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And if you haven’t binged all of the first three seasons again in anticipation, Jimmy himself – actor Jefferson White – is here to convince you to do just that.