‘Yellowstone’ TV: Luke Grimes Had to Train for 6 Weeks for One Aspect of Role as Kayce Dutton

by Megan Molseed

Practice makes perfect. That is certainly the case for actor Luke Grimes as he prepared for the role of Kayce Dutton in the hit western television series “Yellowstone.”

Kayce Dutton is the youngest son of Yellowstone ranch’s John and Evelyn Dutton. Kayce spends his day wrangling the horses on the family ranch. In each episode of the wildly popular Paramount television series, cattle ranching is a task that the younger Dutton and his crew from the bunkhouse seem to take in stride. However, Luke Grimes and his fellow cattle-ranching bunkhouse crew had to go through extensive training to make it all work.

“They had me out riding for about 6 weeks before the show started,” the “Yellowstone” star told Content Mode in a recent interview. “I had ridden a little before, but in Yellowstone, I play a horse trainer and they wanted it to look natural for me, so I have been in the saddle quite a bit.”

Actors Had To Train For “Yellowstone” Ranch

According to Grimes, he spent almost every day on a horse as he prepared for the filming of the hit western television series.

Much of “Yellowstone’s” attraction is its ability to accurately depict the life of a rancher – when it comes to chores at least. Many of the characters, Kayce Dutton being one, have a way about them that makes their storylines believable.

According to Grimes, “Yellowstone” creator, Taylor Sheridan insisted he and the rest of the ranch actors spend time learning the ropes, so to speak. In an intense training program before the start of the series.

“It started about two months before we began filming when I got the part,” Grimes recalled of the training. “Taylor’s really into authenticity, so I was on horseback almost every day.”

During the “Yellowstone” ranch training, Grimes and his fellow actors spent time learning how to manage horses. Handling as well as riding. They also spent time learning the logistics of cattle herding, and ropework. For the sake of authenticity, “Yellowstone” producers made sure the actors kept up their training, even after filming began.

“When we got to Utah, where we filmed the first season, a lot of us went on a cowboy camp where we went on a pack trip that went out for three nights,” the “Yellowstone” actor recalled. “Taking these horses up mountains, jumping creeks, and doing a lot of stuff that a lot of us had never done before just to try to get us into the feel of the place and of the world.”

Grimes Found New Talents While Training

Since then, the filming of “Yellowstone” has moved to Montana, closer to the “real” Dutton ranch. Even now, the cast continues to go through rigorous training to no not only continue the authenticity of the western series but also inspire the actors to embrace the “Yellowstone” way of life.

“It really worked,” Grimes said of the effort.

While Kayce Dutton’s racing skills are ones he has had all his life, Luke Grimes has had to develop his quickly.

“Parts of it came semi-naturally,” Grimes said of the training.

“I think the horseback riding, thankfully, for me, clicked quickly,” he continued. “It’s one of those things, though, you could never stop getting better at it.”