‘Yellowstone’: Luke Grimes Reveals His Favorite Part of Working with Kevin Costner

by Jon D. B.

While the “pinch-me” aspect is certainly there, Grimes says there is one attribute above all others that makes working with Kevin Costner “a benchmark.”

Would Yellowstone be what it is without Kevin Costner? The show has a tremendous leading cast, to be sure. Lesser-known, yet undeniable talents like Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes bring so much to the table. But there’s no denying that Taylor Sheridan’s ability to cast, and subsequently anchor the entire show, around an icon like Kevin Costner has paid off tenfold.

Quite a few living legends, though, are known for their less-than-enthusiastic demeanors several decades into prolific careers. According to Kayce Dutton’s Luke Grimes, however, his “father figure” Kevin Costner is far from jaded.

“Working with someone who is that iconic and whose career is that legendary is always sort of a pinch-me moment, like, ‘Is this real?’” Grimes recalls in an interview with Monsters & Critics.

“It feels like a benchmark in your own career, and you try to soak in as much knowledge as you can,” the actor continues. “Obviously, he’s done everything you can do in a film career.”

Grimes Heaps Praise on “Passionate” Kevin Costner

Indeed, Costner has been an A-List Hollywood leading man since his debut in 1987’s The Untouchables, a film that would set the tone for a lifetime of grizzled, quietly intelligent “alpha” roles. It would be easy for Costner himself to continue taking such roles for the paychecks alone. But this is far from the case.

“One thing that I really enjoy to see in him is his passion for the work,” Grimes lauds of his television father. “It’s still very much there.”

“He still wants to work and is still very curious and still wants to dissect the scenes and get everything out of the scene that he possibly can,” he continues of Costner’s fervent work ethic.

“You never know if someone of that stature if they are still going to love the work the way that they did when they first started, and he really seems to,” Grimes concluded.

Undoubtedly, fans are as thankful for Kevin Costner and his continued passion as Grimes. To say it shows in his work as John Dutton would be an understatement. So, too, would stating his impact on the meteoric success of Yellowstone as a whole.

The star is eager, too, in his own words, to uphold the standards Yellowstone has set. In our previous coverage of the actor, Outsider‘s Jennifer Shea points to Costner’s devotion to his craft – and the audience that brings it success.

“I believe in the audience and their willingness to take that ride, whatever age they are,” Costner revelas. “I think that younger people are dying for something that’s compelling. If you don’t make it compelling, they won’t respond.”

Even at his level of success, Costner still “put[s the audience] on my shoulder every time I decide to do something.”

Thankfully, we’ve got plenty more from Kevin Costner to come. Yellowstone Season 4 is just around the corner, with Paramount Network hinting at a Summer 2021 release. Until then, relive his best moments as John Dutton with us as we countdown to an official release date.