‘Yellowstone’ TV: Major Predictions for How Season 4 Will Kick Things Off

by Lauren Boisvert

Yellowstone season 4 is just around the corner and fans have been freaking out for about a year. Now that November 7 is so close, we’re starting to get sneak peeks and previews of what’s to come. While there probably won’t be an official synopsis of the 2-hour premiere until we’re closer to November, there are still so many theories about how season 4 is going to start out.

Season 4: Who’s Going to Die?

Fans recently took to Reddit to discuss their theories about who’s going to die in the season 4 premiere, according to Express; Yellowstone’s new tagline “Every Body Pays” seems to suggest a lot of death, maybe even a main character. One user wrote, “The whole issue depends on whether or not the ranch attack took place simultaneously with the shootings of John and Kayce and the bombing of Beth’s office.” They guessed about 7 characters will die, and that we will see the ranch attack in the premiere.

Another user commented, “My guess is about nine, most of them minor characters.” They continued, writing, “if the ranch attack is simultaneous, then one of the background ranch hands will die.”

The overall consensus is that John, Kayce, and Beth will be fine, but seriously injured; at least, Beth and John will be. Kayce seems to have had things covered pretty quickly. Reddit user AJ_612 commented on a post, “Kayce doesn’t need help in this situation, it’s just a Tuesday for him.” Which, fair.

User oneeyedwillienelson commented, “Guns and bombs don’t kill main characters.” Which, also fair. Our main characters would’ve been dead ten times over if they were background ranch hands. The user continued, “But if you fall of [sic] a horse, you’re a goner. RIP Evelyn, RIP Jimmy.”

Is ‘Yellowstone’ Just ‘The Godfather’?

Reddit user Arliss8675 had a clever way of explaining the fates of our main characters. They wrote, “I think this is total The Godfather tones going on here. Beth is the Sonny character, she dead. Costner like Vito is going to be hauled up in hospital recovering all next season. Kaycee is the Michael Corleone, the reluctant youngest son who went off to war, cane [sic] back and is thrust in to lead the family business and becomes more ruthless than any one them.” They ended with a curt, “Wes Bentley is Fredo obviously.”

Still, others have a hard time believing Yellowstone can pull this off in a way that seems real. One Reddit user commented, “I know it’s TV, but it’s going to be very, very hard to make a convincing story that she [Beth] survived. A blast that blows out windows like that would kill you almost instantly.”

How far are we going to have to suspend our disbelief when it comes to the lives of our favorite characters? Where do we draw the line at actual survivability, here? We’re going to have to be patient and wait for November 7 to find out.