‘Yellowstone’ TV Makes Fans Swoon with Pic of the Dutton Ranch: ‘The Beauty’

by Courtney Blackann

While the “Yellowstone” characters are engaging enough without a picturesque backdrop, it doesn’t hurt to have a gorgeous setting while filming.

In a recent Instagram post, the official “Yellowstone” page shared a stunning photograph of the Montana setting.

“Always thinking about the beauty of the ranch,” the photo was captioned.

The stunning scene shows the ranch in all its glory. From the surreal fields lightly coated with snow to the hazy foreground with the beloved Rip Wheeler atop his horse, the setting is almost magical. Bold clouds give the scene another layer, emboldening the beauty.

Fans took to the post to share their thoughts about the ranch. Additionally, fans urged the show to nail down an exact premiere date.

What We Know About “Yellowstone” Season Four

Speaking of the next season, we know it will debut sometime this fall. However, fans have grown impatient about an exact date.

At the end of season three, viewers were left with perhaps the most shocking ending of any “Yellowstone” season yet. Three prominent Duttons – Kayce, Beth and John were victims of a targeted attack. The fate of the three has been left unknown for almost a year as fans wait patiently to find out what will become of the untouchable Duttons.

In a trailer for the new season, Rip Wheeler is the first to arrive at the scene where John Dutton has just been shot. The cowboy tells John Dutton not to die on him. Interestingly, that small teaser has fans online playing out plot points and theories about what will happen.

The first three seasons of the show were huge hits, garnering a cult-like following and turning the symbolic “Y” into an icon.

Moreover, fans can’t wait to see the love story between Beth and Rip unfold. That is if the spiciest of the Duttons survives.

Beth Dutton realizes all too late there’s something suspicious about a package she receives in the season three cliffhanger. Beth tries to get the package out of her office, however, the small box explodes. The incident left her fate unknown.

While we all wait to see what the writers will unveil, we’re left rewatching the former three seasons. Some fans hinted at clues embedded into the last season, hypothesizing scenarios where one of the main characters doesn’t come back – or what new characters will arrive.

“I just noticed there have been some updates to the characters on the cast and crew list on imdb.com,” one Reddit user says. “Whether or not these ‘new’ characters are important or pivotal, I have no clue.”