‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Many Connections Matthew McConaughey Has to the Paramount Series

by Suzanne Halliburton

Matthew McConaughey has so many irons in the fire. He’s an actor, professor, writer, Texas Longhorn super fan, philanthropist and a potential politician.

And some Yellowstone fans are pondering whether Matthew McConaughey may join that cast, too.

Makes tons of sense. There are so many connections between McConaughey and the show. For one, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is a native Texan and former Austin resident. McConaughey’s home base is Austin and he’s about as Texan as they come. He’s known as the minister of culture for the University of Texas athletic department.

Plus, Matthew McConaughey is contemplating a run for Texas governor. Incumbent Greg Abbott, a Republican, is up for reelection in 2022. He’s had issues handling the COVID-19 pandemic and the near-meltdown of the state’s electric grid during eight days of severe winter storms last month. Significant parts of the state were without electricity and running water.

No one knows if McConaughey is a Democrat or Republican, so maybe announcing a political party is his next move and not collaborating with Yellowstone.

Matthew McConaughey Hung Out With Yellowstone Cast in Austin

However, we do know that Matthew McConaughey knows the Yellowstone cast. Two years ago, he attended a cast party as part of the Austin TV Festival.

The festival’s official social media account tweeted a Yellowstone related photo with McConaughey.

The tweet — “Guess who decided to stop by the @Yellowstone party with #LukeGrimes and @ColeHauser presented by @ParamountNet@McConaughey!”

The photo showed McConaughey posing with Luke Grimes and Cole Hauser.

Still, there are other connections with Matthew McConaughey and Yellowstone. McConaughey’s career breakthrough came at the expense of Yellowstone star Kevin Costner. In Rob Lowe’s podcast last month, McConaughey discussed A Time to Kill, his first serious movie.

McConaughey played Jake Brigance, a young lawyer. He took the case of Carl Lee Hailey, who was accused of killing the men who raped his daughter. Samuel L Jackson played Hailey. McConaughey said he won the role over Costner, who was too old to be believable as a struggling, young lawyer.

There are other Matthew McConaughey connections to Yellowstone.

McConaughey and Cole Hauser Are Long-time Friends and Texas Longhorn Fans

McConaughey’s first role was in Dazed and Confused. Cole Hauser, aka Rip Wheeler, also was in the movie. He played football player Benny McDonald. McConaughey and Hauser are both Texas Longhorn fans. They even hung out on the sidelines of the 2006 Rose Bowl when Texas beat USC for the national championship.

Matthew McConaughey starred in the 2014 movie Interstellar. He was a former NASA astronaut turned farmer. Wes Bentley, who is Jamie Dutton on Yellowstone, also was an astronaut in the movie. McConaughey returns to space as a pilot for the ship, Endurance. Bentley is in the crew. A gigantic wave spawned by a black hole killed Bentley.

Then there’s Michaela Conlin. She plays an investigative reporter on Yellowstone. She was a detective on The Lincoln Lawyer, a Matthew McConaughey movie from 2011.

So there are lots of connections between Matthew McConaughey and Yellowstone. Now, if only McConaughey had the time to appear on the show.