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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Meet the Actor Playing Architect of the Dutton Attacks

by Jon D. B.
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA - JULY 27: Bruno Amato poses in front of the MoveOn Mobile Billboard during the MoveOn rally at Rep. McCarthy's office on July 27, 2021 in Bakersfield, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for MoveOn)

Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 3 introduced a new villain in an unconventional way, bringing us one step closer to revealing the culprit behind the Duttons’ assassination attempts. Be warned, major spoilers for Yellowstone are ahead.

Ever since S4, Ep3, “All I See Is You” aired, Yellowstone fans have been wondering who the mysterious character in “the headshot” is. This character, we learn in the episode, is responsible for sending the order to have the Duttons assassinated. And he did so from prison. The kicker? John Dutton has no idea who this man is. Fans don’t, either.

In the episode, Thomas Rainwater and Mo deliver the convict’s outside source to John. It’s the sleazebag we’ve seen throughout Season 3 so far: Checkers. Jon offers Checkers a “man’s death” courtesy of an “old-fashioned duel.”

John wins this duel, of course, so that’s one more member of this murderous militia down. This leaves us with the mysterious man in the mugshot. And he’s played by actor Bruno Amato.

According to his IMDb profile, Amato is a “Versatile actor with over 100 Film and TV credits.” He’s made “many Guest TV appearances” in both comedies and dramas. Within the actor “usually plays blue-collar/tough guy characters,” which holds true for Yellowstone. We’ve seen him in such roles as part of everything from Horrible Bosses 2 and Lucifer to Will & Grace. And as his Twitter account spotlights, Amato is currently bidding for a California Congressional seat, too.

The Television Academy and Screen Actors Guild member, however, is uncredited for Yellowstone so far. Could the show be withholding his involvement for a big reveal? Or is this mugshot simply all we’ll see of Amato’s character? A recent behind-the-scenes feature from Yellowstone may hold the answer; one that Bruno Amato himself is sharing on Twitter.

‘Yellowstone’: Who is Bruno Amato’s Convict Kingpin?

“We still have chess to play, you and me. And I refuse to surrender my queen,” says Thomas Rainwater to John Dutton. He speaks of their overall battle to control the Yellowstone valley. But something just as personal is at play in the “All I See Is You” scene.

As Mo reveals, Amato’s convict is “in state prison, in Deer Lodge,” a city in Montana. This, alongside his headshot, is all the information the episode gives us.

“I don’t know this man,” John replies to the reveal.

“He knows you,” Mo retorts.

“Checkers is a piece of the puzzle,” Birmingham says of the convict’s late “party planner.” That puzzle? “Whoever attacked the Duttons.”

We don’t have any concrete casting records for Amato for Yellowstone Season 4. But what we do have is John Dutton’s relentless pursuit of revenge. And any bettin’ man will be willing to place odds on John going after this convict – no matter what.

Season 4 should lead us to that state prison in Deer Lodge as a result. If it does, then we’re set to see a whole lot more from actor Bruno Amato. In the meantime, be sure to give our Bunkhouse Breakdown podcast a spin for reactions to Yellowstone episodes so far.