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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Meet ‘Beth Dutton’ Actress Kelly Reilly’s Husband

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival)

Actress Kelly Reilly’s real-life romance is just as beautiful as her onscreen romance with Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone.

Certainly, Beth Dutton is a quippy, headstrong woman who most people wouldn’t dare crossing paths with. But along with her devastating one-liners and tough-as-nails attitude, Beth is a human with human feelings like love and loneliness. Fans got a firsthand look into Beth Duttons softer side as she opened up to a potential romance with Rip Wheeler. As the seasons progressed, Beth eventually surrendered fully to the love she and Rip shared and the two got engaged. Maybe not in the fairytale type way – Rip did dig up his deceased mother’s grave to retrieve her wedding ring for Beth. But the whole thing was very Rip and Beth, and also quite sentimental.

So, fans are asking, does Kelly Reilly’s real romantic life reflect the depths of her onscreen love with Rip? The answer is yes. Reilly has been married to her husband, financier Kyle Baugher, for eight years. The two met in 2012 and married that same year – when you know, you know! The couple prefers to keep their romantic life private, so there’s not a whole lot of information available about their relationship. But we do know that they live in New York and that Reilly said that her relationship with her hubby helps bring balance into her life. During an interview in 2015, Reilly opened up her appreciation for her husband. She said that, after taking care of her personal life, she could finally re-establish a career balance.

“Now, I’m married and happy and content so I thought it was time to see if I could get that balance back,” said Reilly.

Kelly Reilly Isn’t Sure That Beth and Rip’s Romance Will Last

Season three of Yellowstone had us watching Beth cozy into her new life with Rip. The two moved in together, cooked for each other, and shared the everyday moments that make relationships comfortable. But we know Beth. We also know what Rip’s role is on the Dutton ranch. Most importantly, we know Yellowstone, and nothing is drama-free for very long on the show. So, will the romance between Beth and Rip remain stable, or, like most things, will it start to go off the rails in season four? During an interview at the end of last year, Kelly Reilly shared her thoughts.

“At the beginning of Season 3, there is a sort of quiet, healing vibe going on. Beth and Rip are living in the new house that John Dutton gave to Rip. Beth has moved in and there’s a little bit of domestic quiet, gentleness that’s sort of creeping in which we’ve never seen Beth inhabit,” said Reilly. “I found those scenes really interesting to play. Whether it lasts or not, it wouldn’t be a drama if it was constant.”