‘Yellowstone’ TV: Meet Kevin Costner’s Country-Rock Band Modern West

by Katie Maloney

Did you know that Yellowstone star Kevin Costner is also a country rock star?

Well, he is. Years ago, Kevin Coster founded and fronted the country-rock band Modern West. The band went on tour in 2007 and traveled the world playing shows in places including Istanbul and Rome. Modern West also performed at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races at Daytona International Speedway and Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina.

Just a year later Modern West released their first album, Untold Truths with Universal South Records. The album peaked in the 61st spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Additionally, three singles from the album were released to radio, although none of them landed on the charts. The singles were “Superman 14,” “Long Hot Night,” and “Backyard.” The band’s second album, Turn It On, was only released in Europe. Since then, Modern West has released three new albums. Most recently, they dropped Tales From Yellowstone in 2020.

Kevin Costner Wrote Songs About Yellowstone and His Own Life for His Latest Album

Tales from Yellowstone features 16 tracks about the characters from the show. However, Kevin Costner said the songs are about more than just the show.

“It’s really a concept record,” said Costner during an interview in 2020. “Sometimes there are songs that aren’t really necessarily about John Dutton. I have my own muse when I’m away from home, for when I’m making a movie, and there are songs that kind of blend in and also complement what’s happening.”

One of the more emotional songs on the album, “Feeling Like the Last Time” is about the last time he ever said goodbye to his dad after a hunting trip.

“I’d done that with him since I was a little boy and he told me when we say goodbye at the airport that this will be the last time. And as he was telling me that, there was some security person yelling at us to get our car off the curb, when we were trying to say goodbye to each other,” said Costner. “I was looking at this man that had raised me, and all I could see when I looked at that security guy was the whistle in his mouth. And he was talking, but I couldn’t hear his voice. I could just see my dad. He said, ‘we’ll never do this again.’ So I just picked my eyes on him. And eventually, he had to go and I had to get on the airplane. And he was right. So I started writing about that on the plane.”

“Feeling Like the Last Time,” by Kevin Costner and Modern West