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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Mia Actress Eden Brolin Poses With Dad, Josh Brolin, and Brother in Rare ‘Real’ Photo

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by John M. Heller/Getty Images)

With their show currently on a long break, the cast of Paramount Network series Yellowstone is getting in some rest and relaxation.

Yellowstone actress Eden Brolin, who plays “buckle bunny” Mia on the show, is spending quality time with family. Eden is the daughter of Hollywood icon Josh Brolin and recently got to hang out with her father and brother. Josh Brolin took to social media Friday (May 21) to post a photo of the family get-together.

“My girl and my boy (Eden and Trevor Brolin) who jump-started my heart almost 33 years ago and has kept me real, kept me true and has shown me what a diamond asset humility is,” he says in the caption. “I love you both so much.”

The family photo shows the Brolins enjoying a day of fun in the sun and they look to be thrilled to get to spend time together.

Several other Yellowstone cast members have also been active on social media since the end of the show’s third season. Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler), Brecken Merrill (Tate Dutton), and Kelly Reilly (Beth Reilly) are among the actors keeping fans engaged during the offseason. Many of these actors have shared photos and videos of their recent vacation adventures. Merrill even showed a new and unusual hobby he has taken up — owl pellet dissection. Hauser has used the offseason to spend some quality family time, taking in activities like skiing and camping. Reilly has been on a country-wide journey as she has posted from several different places including East Tennessee and Texas.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Hope for More Mia in New Season

Yellowston added Eden to the cast a season ago and she’s been a terrific addition to the show. Mia, who Lloyd describes as a “buckle bunny,” is the love interest of ranch hand, Jimmy. It is a somewhat awkward love affair but one that makes for a great storyline on the modern western drama.

Trying to keep Mia at his side, we see Jimmy climb atop a bucking horse as the final seconds of season three tick off. The Yellowstone ranch hand face plants into the dirt and is motionless as the camera pans out. Jimmy’s fate is left up in the air as season three concludes.

Yellowstone fans certainly hope that Jimmy pulls through and is a big part of the upcoming new season. Hopefully, Mia will be there to nurse him back to health.