‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Were Michael Landon’s Daughter Jen’s Biggest Roles Before Playing ‘Teeter’?

by Jon D. B.

There’s no denying the talent in this family. While Yellowstone fans are largely discovering Teeter’s Jen Landon for the first time, the actor has a decade’s-long history in television alongside her legendary father, Michael Landon.

Ah, Teeter. Jen Landon burst into our lives with her bombastic cowgirl in Yellowstone‘s Season 3 (2020). Her colorful addition to cable’s #1 drama, however, is far from Landon’s first prominent television role. In fact, her resume will rival her father’s in length before long. And if Teeter looks familiar, this is absolutely why.

So where, exactly, have you seen Jen Landon’s face before? One of her previous TV stints is most likely – especially if you’re a soap opera fan.

Landon’s first big break and recurring role came in As the World Turns, a staple of America’s soap opera format. Billed as Jennifer Landon, she starred as Gwen Munson within – and for no short period of time.

She’s credited to a whopping 502 episodes of the soap via IMDb, spanning from her casting in 2005 all the way to the show’s end in 2010. Landon is, as a result, one of the actors who saw As the World Turns end it’s incredible 54-year television tenure that year.

In addition, Landon’s long ATWT tenure would earn her a Daytime Emmy award for “Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series” not once, but three times in a row from 2006 to 2008. Her turn as Gwen Munson would also earn her a congruent nomination for “Best Actress in a Daytime Serial” in 2007.

The Yellowstone actor would return to her soap opera roots in 2012 for The Young and the Restless. Here, she played Heather Stevens for 28 total episodes.

From here, her next “notable” role came in the television thriller Banshee, where she inhabits Lilith Bode for 4 episodes in 2016. This one, Landon says, she’s “beyond excited” for fans to finally see.

“So glad more people will finally get to see this awesome show!!!” Landon says of Banshee in our previous coverage.

‘Yellowstone’ on the Horizon

Shortly after, Landon would return to the soaps world for genre titan Days of Our Lives. Here, she racked up 5 episodes as Hillary Nelson in 2017.

A few years before Yellowstone, the actor would cut her teeth in the world of organized-family-crime-dramas with TNT’s short-lived Animal Kingdom. As Amy, Jen Landon starred in 11 episodes across it’s 2 seasons in 2017-2018.

Then, of course, we all know where she wound up in 2019 as her filming for Yellowstone began. As Teeter, Landon would rock the modern Western’s world for a solid 9 out of 10 episodes of Season 3 (2020). Those episodes are:

  • The World Is Purple
  • Meaner Than Evil
  • I Killed a Man Today 
  • The Beating
  • All for Nothing
  • Cowboys and Dreamers
  • Going Back to Cali
  • An Acceptable Surrender
  • Freight Trains and Monsters

Our personal favorite Teeter episode is Going Back to Cali, in which the hard-as-nails ranch hand starts the all out, infamous “Biker Brawl.” Classic.

Interestingly, Yellowstone would be the first show in which Landon would choose to bill herself as Jen Landon as opposed to Jennifer. Now, as fans await Season 4, fans can fill their Landon fix with her recurring role on CBS crime drama FBI: Most Wanted as horse trainer Sarah Allen.

““Couldn’t be more excited to be joining @fbimostwantedcbs,” Landon posted to Instagram upon joining the show. “Not only do I get to work with the rad @julianmcmahonofficial, I also get to bring some of the horse world from @yellowstone with me.”

That’s enough reason for Yellowstone fans to check out her latest work as Sarah Allen, right there! And of course, Jen Landon is expected to return as Teeter for Yellowstone Season 4 this summer, 2021.