‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Mind-Blowing ‘Parallel’ You Missed Between Two Kayce Dutton Scenes

by Thad Mitchell

‘Yellowstone’ fans have turned to the internet to share their theories on the popular show. And recently they drew attention to two key Kayce Dutton scenes.

A recent thread on the Yellowstone fan Reddit page discusses a key detail that some watchers may have missed. The poster draws similarities between two scenes that feature Kayce Dutton making decisions in favor of life over death. Kayce Dutton is played to perfection by actor Luke Grimes.

“I was re-watching season 3,” the Reddit poster and Yellowstone fan says. “When Kayce essentially lets the wolf go without killing it, it reminded me of how he did the same with Walker. Wondering if both are going to come back and make him regret his choice?”

A former Navy Seal, there is much to Kayce Dutton’s backstory that we have yet to see. We do know, from these two instances, he appears hesitant to kill unless motivated to do so. In season three he encounters a lone wolf, asking if the animal has “lost his pack” and is now alone. It could be a metaphor for the way Kayce feels now removed from his “pack” of Navy brothers. Regardless of what the symbolism might mean, the scene shows us that Kayce has a big heart and plenty of kindness. The scene provides something of a contrast to his rough and rugged persona that we often see.

Kayce Dutton on ‘Yellowstone’

We see these qualities again when he spares Walker’s life on more than one occasion. In a previous season, Rip Wheeler orders Kayce to take Walker to the “train station.” As all Yellowstone fans know, there is no actual train station. Instead, taking someone to the “train station” is code for killing them.

Kayce makes a deal with Walker in that the latter must leave the state of Montana in exchange for his life. Due to ongoing legal matters, Walker is unable to leave the state and is found by Rip and Lloyd. Furious with Kayce, Rip agrees to give Walker one last chance. He orders Walker to remove the Yellowstone brand from Wade Morrow’s chest before the ranch hands kill him. Following Rip’s orders seems to have bought Walker a little more time.

Will Kayce’s actions of kindness come back to haunt him? Will Walker continue to be a nuisance to Rip and the other Yellowstone bunkhouse crew? If Walker gets in trouble once again, will Kayce be able to save him once more?

With the premiere of season four coming soon, our wait for answers is almost over.