‘Yellowstone’ TV: Mind-Blowing Theory Suggests Wade Morrow Is Jamie’s Dad

by Thad Mitchell

We might still be a ways away from the brand new season of “Yellowstone” but that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing what season four might hold.

Internet forum sites have become a hotbed before “Yellowstone” theories and discussions. Some theories are more believable than others but pretty much all of them are entertaining. It also gives us an excuse to talk about our favorite show as we wait out the arrival of a new season.

Since his adoption reveal last season, many “Yellowstone” theories focus on the lineage of Jamie Dutton. Jamie discovers he is adopted in season three upon reviewing his birth certificate. He learns that the Dutton family adopted him as an infant after his biological father kills his mother. The revelation angers Jamie to the point that he confronts his adoptive father, John Dutton. He also seeks out and finds his biological father, Garrett Randall, who reveals the harsh truth of his infancy. Now, “Yellowstone” fans are coming with all sorts of theories regarding Jamie’s lineage. Many are convinced that we still do not know the whole story behind Jamie’s upbringing. The latest theory is a real doozy and comes from a Reddit user who thinks Jamie’s actual father could be Wade Morrow.

“Seems like Wade, John and Randall are around the same age,” the Reddit user proclaims. “Jamie and Wade’s sons seem to be the same age. I think Jamie’s biological mother was John’s wife’s sister. Could it be she had an affair with Wade and got pregnant? If this should be the case then Wade was never told about Jamie.”

Talk about a far-out theory. Other “Yellowstone” fans point to the scene between John and Wade at the diner as a supporting clue.

“In the diner, John said to Wade that he (Wade) did something a cowboy should never do,” the Redditor says. “He never clarified that statement. I doubt he was referring to murder since that is a common occurrence in this fictional universe.”

Regardless of whether this theory holds water or not, it is clear there is much to learn about Jamie’s backstory. It certainly doesn’t seem as cut and dry as what has been presented on the show. “Yellowstone” may still have a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to Jamie Dutton’s past. It could very well be a major focal point in the upcoming fourth season.

Jamie has more on his plate than simply wondering where it is that he actually came from. Many “Yellowstone” fans believe he is behind the attacks on the Dutton family to close out the third season. If he is indeed behind the attacks, then he’s going to have some very angry people looking his way for revenge.

The new season of the Paramount Network series can’t get here soon enough.