‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Monica’ Actress Kelsey Asbille Set to Star in Thrilling New Series

by Madison Miller

While fans of “Yellowstone” will recognize Kelsey Asbille as Monica Dutton from the show, she’s taking on an all-new role soon.

She will temporarily put aside her identity as the tough granddaughter of Native American elder Felix Long. She’s also married to Kayce Dutton on the show. The “Yellowstone” star is also recognizable for her roles in “Fargo” and “Wind River.”

Now, fans of the actress can catch her in a new thriller TV series called “Gaslight.” It is actually being adapted from a podcast from QCode of the exact name from Miles Joris-Peyrafitte. He was the director of “Dreamland” in 2019, starring Margo Robbie and Finn Cole. He will be writing and directing the first season of the show.

She will be starring alongside Jessica Rothe, who has had roles in moves like “Happy Death Day,” “La La Land,” and “Valley Girl.”

More on ‘Gaslight’ Thriller Series

According to Deadline, the series will center around Rothe’s character, who is presumed missing. She had vanished when she was a senior in high school, which left the entire community both devastated and confused. Her closest friend is Becca, played by Asbille from “Yellowstone.”

Then, years later, the series truly begins. Becca and her husband and baby son are all having dinner and the doorbell rings. At the door is her long-lost friend, Danny. It’s not all happy reunions, however.

She returns with a boyfriend, named Ben. Becca soon discovers a sinister plot at play in her old friend’s life.

New Regency, known for films like ‘The Revenant” and “The Beast Must Die,” is behind the upcoming project. Executive producers include Chloe and Trevor Moretz, Emma Koskoff, Automatik, and Oddfellows. Rothe and Asbille will co-executive produce in addition to starring in the series.

Also starring in the series is Marc Rissmann from “Game of Thrones” and Will Dalton from “Loving.”

As the project was just announced, there is no timeline for when it will be out or where it will stream. Production will begin in June in Kamloops, British Columbia.

The show will be turning a podcast into a thriller series, which is an uncommon occurrence. Season four of “Yellowstone,” although the release date has not been announced yet, will come out before. Fans of Kelsey Asbille will see her then.

Other Projects from ‘Yellowstone’ Actors

As both viewers and cast members from “Yellowstone” wait for season four, some actors are using their time in between wisely.

The star of the show, Kevin Costner, appeared in the crime thriller in 2020 called “Let Him Go.” Most recently, he lent his voice to “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” in 2021 as Jonathan Kent, Superman’s dad.

Kelly Reilly from “Yellowstone” was recently in a horror movie called “Eight for Silver.” As of now, she’s in post-production for a drama called “Promises” directed by Amanda Sthers. There’s no summary of the show yet.

While an official date hasn’t been announced for “Yellowstone” yet, fans suspect it may come out sometime in June of this year. This is when the other seasons premiered.