‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does ‘Monica’ Actress Kelsey Asbille’s New Series Mean She’s Exiting the Show in Season 4?

by Halle Ames

Does the announcement of Kelsey Asbille’s new series mean that Monica Long is leaving the Yellowstone ranch for good?

It’s no secret that Monica Long’s character is one of the most disliked on the hit western series. And although there is no particular reason for the hate, could she be leaving Yellowstone in season four?

Oh no. Are Taylor Sheridan and the other producers going to kill off Monica, which in turn would send Kayce into a deep depression that makes him even colder than he already is? Will Kayce get blood-hungry and go on a rampage? What will Tate do without a mother?

Monica has almost met her end in Yellowstone before, and it nearly broke Kayce. While the teacher was walking into school, she stopped to break up a fight. Monica got hit and knocked to the ground, causing some devastating head injuries.

Following the accident, she parts with Kayce, who in turn loses his wife, who he hopelessly loves, and his only son.

Fast forward to when her car broke down on the side of the road, and a creepy serial killer picked her up. He takes her to the middle of nowhere to rape and kill her, but thankfully one of Yellowstone‘s most beloved characters, Mo, kills the man and saves Monica.

But will she survive another brush with death, or is she quickly running out of luck. Heck, we aren’t even sure Kayce will live to see Yellowstone season four. If Kayce dies, will Monica return to the reservation and ultimately get written out of the show?

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Leaving for ‘Gaslight’?

The Yellowstone actress Kelsey Asbille joins a star-studded cast for a new TV series thriller called Gaslight. Deadline gives a quick summary of what to expect for the upcoming show.

“Everyone thought Danny had gone missing. Towards the end of senior year, she vanished one night, leaving everyone confused and devastated…including her closest friend in the world, Becca (Asbille). The series will pick up years later when late one night, while Becca, her new husband, and their baby son are having dinner, they get a visitor. It’s Danny. Inexplicably, after all these years of no contact or explanation, she’s returned and looking to reconnect. As we learn more about her and her boyfriend, Ben, we soon come to realize there’s something darker and more sinister at play.”

Sheesh! It sounds like we are adding Gaslight to our list of shows to watch! For the time being, we may have to just keep watching Yellowstone reruns for the next month until season four airs.