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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will We Ever See More of the Wildlife Officer Who Rip Wheeler Saved?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Have Yellowstone fans seen the last of the wildlife officer who Rip Wheeler saved from the fence?

If you remember, in season four of Yellowstone, Rip Wheeler had to save a wildlife officer who was pierced by a fence post. Are we going to see that lady again? Reddit fans weigh in.

What happened was that Rip Wheeler was in the mountains when two Asian tourists yelled for help from over the side of a cliff. Our beloved cowboy throws over a rope, but unfortunately, the two tourists fall to their death.

At the same time, a massive grizzly bear appears and threatens Rip Wheeler’s life as it charges. He has nothing else to do but shoot the predator, which died on top of the cliff.

Rip returns to the Yellowstone ranch and informs John Dutton of the events that had just played out. John says to call the police and wildlife officer, who do an investigation into the death of the bear and two tourists.

When the wildlife officer, Officer Skyles, arrives, she isn’t taking any of Rip’s crap. When he calls her ‘ma’am,’ she quickly corrects him, saying it’s ‘officer’. No one will undermine her because she is a woman.

Rip Wheeler Saves Officer Skyles

The two begin to ride their horses to the cliff where the accident occurred. On the way, Rip Wheeler tried to warn the officer that there is a horsefly on her horse. She refuses to listen. Again, Rip tried to explain that if her horse gets bitten, it will begin to buck. Once again, she ignores Rip.

Furthermore, the horsefly does bite Officer Skyles’s horse, and it bucks her. Of course, in typical Yellowstone fashion, she doesn’t just fall to the ground. The Fish & Wildlife officer gets thrown from the animal and onto a fence post, where she gets impaled.

Rip Wheeler cannot let this woman die. If she does, it will look like he killed her, the animal, and two tourists and is trying to cover it all up. Rip quickly calls for a helicopter to air vac them to a hospital so Officer Skyles doesn’t die, or at least can live long enough to set the record straight, that Rip didn’t do this to her.

Reddit Weighs in

Reddit user 7Ruby18 asked the social media platform if they think we will see Officer Skyles in the future, repaying her debt to Rip.

“One character I’d like to see pop up one more time (in season 4) is Officer Skyles of Fish & Wildlife. Rip saved her life (he could have left her to die, but didn’t –“You’re not gonna die ‘cuz they’ll think I did this, too.”) He obviously went with her to the hospital in the chopper and stayed long enough to find out she’d be okay. Maybe Skyles will catch wind of something and will “return the favor” by helping Rip out of a jam. Even though she seemed to be very conscious and steadfast of her duties and responsibilities as a law enforcement officer (she took Rip’s rifle, wanted him to ride up where she could keep an eye on him, didn’t want him messing with her horse, wouldn’t surrender her gun to him) I think she’ll still feel she owes him a big debt for saving her life and will have no qualms about possibly “bending the law” a tad to repay that debt, much to Rip’s surprise and gratitude.”

It would sure come in handy to have that get-out-of-jail-free card in your back pocket. Heaven knows Rip Wheeler could use it. Season four is Yellowstone airs in less than a month.