‘Yellowstone’ TV: Was the Most Recent Train Station Trip Too ‘Bizarre’?

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s second big death of Season 4 was one hell of a sequence, but some fans found it a bit “bizarre” even for the Duttons.

“Did anyone else think the last trip to the train station was bizarre?” asks u/colev3376 over on Reddit’s Yellowstone Board. The site is a hotbed for Dutton discussion and typically leads to some incredible reactions from fans. As such, this user breaks down their take on the Season 4 Shootout. Be warned, major spoilers for Yellowstone are ahead.

“So we now know the people who attempted to kill the Duttons were militia, and John’s response was basically to kill them all off (when he said to Kayce to get the warrants from Jaime, at least I interpreted this as John saying kill em) And then when he’s taking someone very directly involved with the militia and/or the overall assassination plan to the designated murder spot he decides this is the time to have a gun fight instead,” the Redditor states.

Their case, of course, centers on John’s shootout with Checkers, the weasel of a “party planner” who brought together the militia intent on killing off the Duttons.

“The even more bizarre part was that because John put the clip on the ground and ejected the chambered round the other guy kind of won, he managed to shoot first but understandably missed,” Cole continues.

‘Yellowstone’ Goes Full-Stop ‘Western Justice’

Is this bizarre? Or is it simply the sort of Western justice John Dutton embodies?

Redditor RipsLittleCoors agrees it was simply bizarre. “It was absurdity of the highest order. Given the usual absurdity level of the show, this means it was absurdity on a level not normally found in nature,” they offer. “I also think it was pretty absurd.”

But as fellow fan BellaGoat points out, the scene must be viewed through the twisted lens of one John Dutton. “It was pretty bad, but he himself didn’t want to murder anyone, so in his mind he made it fair,” the Redditor defends.

Indeed, the patriarch’s goal was giving the man as “fair” a death as he could. And as John says in the moment, “This is about as fair as it’s going to get.”

Much of what transpires is the only way John sees this coward of a man getting a fair death. It’s the opposite of “shooting a man in the back of the head,” as Checkers confesses he’s done multiple times. And as John replies, he refuses to stoop to this level. So an ol’ fashioned shootout it is.

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