‘Yellowstone’ TV Mysteriously References ‘Freight Trains and Monsters’ Season 3 Episode in New Cowboy Pic

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Is Yellowstone hinting at something specific with this Tuesday post, featuring horsemaster Jake Ream riding one of the ranch’s “freight trains” and/or “monsters”?

Ah, Season 3, Episode 2: “Freight Trains and Monsters.” What a damn good episode! This title is, as Yellowstone fans will know, a reference to the moment in which Jake has to give his horse to Monica to ride, at Rip’s orders. All Jake’s left with are “freight trains and monsters” for horses. ‘

So, so much more happens within the episode, however, and we’ll get to that momentarily. But first, check out Yellowstone’s latest shot via their official Instagram. Within, we see horsemaster Jake Ream riding one of said “freight trains and monsters” as he shows off his incredible skillset:

While we’re not exactly sure what the show is hinting at with this post, we do know it hasn’t revealed anything more about Season 4. Instead, it brings us right back to Season 3. But if you’re feeling a bit hazy on “Freight Trains and Monsters,” check out the featurette below. It’s a fantastic glimpse behind-the-scenes of this iconic episode:

‘Freight Trains and Monsters’ Behind the Story | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

Episode 2 introduced a new character and upped the game on Rip and Beth’s romance. Here, the cast and crew break it all down. Yellowstone, summer’s No. 1 drama, airs Sundays at 9/8c, only on Paramount Network.

Paramount Network

‘Yellowstone’s Jake Ream is The Horsemaster

And as much as we see on-screen, there’s that much more going on behind-the-scenes. One particular video segment the show calls “Taking the Reins” shows Yellowstone‘s official Twitter celebrating the horse-taming legend seen above: Jake Ream.

Indeed, Yellowstone lauds the horseman-turned-actor as “The man, the myth, the legend: Jake Ream”. He’s earned it, too, as their footage clearly shows. In addition to his acting, Ream is one of Paramount production’s top horsemen. Moreover, he is responsible for some of the most dangerous stunts – and outright work – on the show to date.

Speaking to this himself, Ream gives the lowdown on just what took him from behind-the-scenes horseman, to recurring cowboy on television’s top drama.

“It kinda started out… In all of Season 1, I was helping with saddling and wrangling, and just making sure everyone was safe,” Jake Ream starts off for Paramount. His work on the hit show was fully behind-the-scenes at first, he adds, as his main concerns were that “saddles were correct, and the tack was properly done, and all that stuff.”

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