‘Yellowstone’ TV: New Cast Member Finn Little Posts ‘Into the Unknown’ Pic Ahead of Season 4 Debut

by Joe Rutland

Yellowstone cast member Finn Little decided to share a rather nature-centric photo through his Instagram account on Thursday.

Little, a teenage actor who hails from Australia, will be playing a character named Carter as Season 4 gets ready to start. From the backdrop of filming in Montana, Little offered fans a look into the fog-filled background.

The storyline will have Carter reportedly be taken in by the Duttons as Beth decides their ranch is the best place for him to grow up. According to Deadline, the new character is “reminiscent of Rip Wheeler as a youth. He joins Nashville star Kathryn Kelly, who is arriving this fourth season on the show as a veterinary technician.

Little, 15, has worked with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan before Those Who Wish Me Dead earlier in 2021. Besides that appearance in Sheridan’s work, Little also has appeared in the TV miniseries Reckoning and TV series Tideland.

It’s pretty obvious that Little is already enjoying his time on the show’s set. He’s been putting out a number of photos on his Instagram account from Yellowstone. One thing remains to be seen, though. What will Little’s role become as far as the storyline within the Dutton family? We’ll have to see when the show premieres on Paramount Network.

‘Yellowstone’ TV Cast Member Will Be Part Of Show’s Reboot on Fox

One of the early stars on Yellowstone will have a new job this season as a popular ABC show from the 1970s reappears on Fox.

Dave Annable, who played Lee Dutton briefly, is among the cast for Fantasy Island. Annable’s time on Yellowstone was mainly in the show’s first episode.

He played the oldest child of John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. Sadly, Lee would die in that first episode. But he would appear in other episodes in a number of flashback moments.

There is another actor who plays an even-younger Lee Dutton in flashbacks, too. It’s not sure whether or not Annable is done with his time on the Paramount Network show.

As for Fantasy Island, he joins a cast alongside Roselyn Sanchez, Eric Winters, and Leslie Jordan. The new version of that show, which originally starred Ricardo Montalban and Herve’ Villechaize, will premiere on Fox on Tuesday, Aug. 10.

Those who are familiar with the older version of the show, they’ll recall numerous TV guest stars show up on this island. They arrive by airplane, climb out, receive a drink, and hear Mr. Roarke say, “Welcome to Fantasy Island.” Obviously, people also might remember hearing Villechaize call out from the bell tower, “The plane! The plane!” Will that be brought back on the new reboot? Time will tell.