‘Yellowstone’ TV: New Cast Member Finn Little Shares Snowy Dutton Ranch Photo Ahead of Season 4

by John Jamison

We know, “Yellowstone” fans, each day that goes by without Season 4 is a struggle. But there are only a few months to go. And if that doesn’t come as much of a comfort, then maybe an Instagram post from new cast member Finn Little will brighten your spirits.

The young Australian actor is set to appear in Season 4 as a boy named Carter who gets taken in by the Duttons. He will reportedly be a series regular. And his arc is said to resemble that of an orphan like Rip Wheeler.

The post finds Finn Little riding through the Dutton Ranch property in Montana. For those who aren’t aware, the setting used for the fictitious “Yellowstone” family property is the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana. And discerning fans may have noticed the significant amount of snow on the ground.

This picture would have been taken while filming for Season 4 was still going on in earnest. The filming for Season 4, however, was supposed to get underway in June 2020. But for obvious reasons, the production experienced significant delays. That meant “Yellowstone” pushed the schedule back and reportedly wrapped up filming in late November last year.

The seasonal shift explains the presence of snow. And an Instagram user who claims to live in the area helped explain the precipitation for other curious fans.

“it wasn’t winter. We had an early freak snow. It was gone in 1 1/2 days. It gave them a great time for scenic shoots though. I live here,” they replied to a comment on Finn Little’s Instagram post.

The 15-Year old ‘Yellowstone’ Addition’s Blossoming Career

At just 15 years old, Finn Little already has an impressive resume to his name.

The young actor got his start in 2014 with a short called “The Great Champ Fernley.” Then, he did another short and a TV series before landing a recurring role on a show called “Tidelands.”

This year, however, has seen Little’s biggest achievement. The 15-year old Aussie starred as an American kid in the recent Angelina Jolie-led film “Those Who Wish Me Dead.” It’s a big-budget movie boasting an impressive cast, and that’s not even half of it. It was written and directed by none other than Taylor Sheridan himself.

There is clearly a strong connection between the “Yellowstone” creator and Finn Little. That is sure to have fans excited for the new character’s potential on the show. In the past, Taylor Sheridan has demonstrated a willingness to work with actors he is familiar with.

An example of that is the presence of Jeremy Renner on Sheridan’s new show, “Mayor of Kingstown.” The pair previously worked together on the award-winning 2017 thriller “Wind River.”