‘Yellowstone’ TV: The New Footage From Season 4 Trailer That’s a Must-See

by Jon D. B.

“John… Don’t you die on me!” Our first glimpse at Yellowstone Season 4 is here, and these goosebumps are permanent, I tell you! Permanent!

We’ve been dying (too soon?) for a glimpse – any glimpse – of Season 4. Today that all changes. Paramount Network has hit fans with a glorious “reveal trailer” that is, honestly, a mix of good and bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

Yellowstone Season 4 is now coming “Fall 2021” as per the trailer’s headline. This tacks several months onto the premiere but shouldn’t be a total surprise. The COVID-19 Pandemic brought delays to pretty much everything in life, and the #1 drama on cable television is no exception.

Now for the good news! Aside from being a stellar recap of the events leading up to Season 4, this reveal trailer finally gives us our first footage from said season! It may only be a few seconds long, but oh how it’s better than nothing. The new footage begins at the 46-second mark, right after the words “THE WAIT” flash before our eyes:

Revenge is worth the wait. Season 4 of Yellowstone returns to Paramount Network this fall.

Paramount Network

Yellowstone Season 4: Rip Wheeler to the Damn Rescue

“John… Don’t you die on me now. Not like this!” shouts Rip Wheeler as he exits one of Yellowstone‘s now iconic black trucks. “You hear me?” Rip screams into the open road, his voice cracking from distress.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the frame, we see the hand of John Dutton. Bloody. Still… but not completely motionless. There is hope yet for the patriarch.

The scene, as short as it is, reveals quite a lot. For one, helicopters can be heard in the background, which means help is on the way. Secondly, it shows us that John had no direct means of escape (or exit plan) after the assassination attempt that left us reeling. Who would? That mess came out of nowhere.

The snippet also shows us that John will at least be alive when Rip finds him. That tiny bit of motion from his fingers tells us all we need to know – that we’ll at least be with John Dutton if the great beyond beckons him come Season 4’s opening. Which it won’t. He’s Kevin ****ing Costner. He’ll survive.

The last words we heard from JD were “doesn’t that f***ing figure” as he pulled out his bloody cell phone. This is how Yellowstone left us at the end of Season 3.

Now, however, the wait may have increased, but the return of our favorite show somehow feels closer than ever. Yellowstone Season 4 will hit Fall 2021 (reportedly November), and the fates of John, Beth, and Kayce will finally be revealed.