‘Yellowstone’ TV: New Pic of Rainwater’s Right-Hand Man ‘Mo’ Has Fans Sounding Off on His Character

by Jon D. B.

“Thomas Rainwater is lucky to have Mo by his side.” So says Yellowstone with their latest shot of Mo Brings Plenty – and so say we fans!

The stoic presence of  Moses J. Brings Plenty gives a remarkable presence and voice to Yellowstone. It is, in Outsider’s eyes safe to say that the show would be far lesser without the presence of actors like Mo and his co-star, Gil Birmingham, to bring light to the stories and struggles of Native Americans.

Both gentlemen have made their roles instantly iconic in the Western pantheon – and Yellowstone is celebrating exactly that Tuesday with this fantastic shot of Mo Brings Plenty in character as, well, Mo!

“Thomas Rainwater is lucky to have Mo by his side,” the show’s official Instagram posts August 3. It’s true, and as the comments section shows – fans couldn’t agree more.

“Mo is one of my most favorite characters,” replies Yellowstone fan Misty.

“Mo is the best!” echoes Brittany. “Also please bring back Monica’s grandfather!”

Fan Allison says she “Love this character and the actor is excellent in this role!” Hear that, Mo Brings Plenty? We Outsiders are far from alone in our admiration of your work!

“Badass security guard Extraordinaire and skilled advisor!” declares another follower.

“He is amazing! Wish he had more scenes. Really liked where he protected Rips horse with chalk and then when he saved Monica,” adds fan Fletcher.

Perhaps Yellowstone fans Shelby and Jared sum it up best, however. Respectively, they offer some fine, true words:

“Everyone needs a Mo!” and “Mo is a good dude. Everyone in a position of power needs a Mo, and needs to listen to Mo!”

‘Yellowstone’s Mo Brings Plenty is Epitome of Class

Genuinely, we couldn’t hold more respect for Mo Brings Plenty if we wanted to. He is the epitome of a class act – and true proof of this came earlier this summer on June 25.

As Mo Brings Plenty eloquently cites on his official Instagram, June 25 is the anniversary of a tipping point. On that day in 1876, Native American forces (led by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull) would defeat the U.S. Army troops of General George Armstrong Custer.

This, we know today as The Battle of the Little Bighorn. This was The Great Sioux War of 1876. On the anniversary, Mo Brings Plenty offered a tremendously moving, poignant letter on the day and its reflection.

“One hundred and forty-five years ago our ancestors gave their lives to defend their and our ways of life. Brings Plenty was there with his four younger brothers: White Coyote, Medicine Cloud, Plenty Holes, and the youngest, Low Dog,” begins the Yellowstone icon within.

The Yellowstone star also shares a photo of the graves for these heroic ancestors integral to this anniversary, which you can view here.

“As Indian people, we have a chance to bring back those ways, and there is no better way to honor our ancestors than to do that,” he continues.

Instead of division, the Yellowstone icon says “We need to support, care, love, and forgive each other. That is the only way we will solidify who we are and what we stand for, and until we stop treating each other as the enemy, we will always be divided.”