‘Yellowstone’ TV: New Series Actor Finn Little Posts ‘Secret’ Ominous Photo Ahead of Season 4

by Megan Molseed

He may be one of the newest faces on the Dutton Ranch, but Finn Little seems to know quite a bit about the secrets coming in season four of the hit television series “Yellowstone.”

“… So many secrets inside…” read the new “Yellowstone” actor’s Thursday morning Instagram post.

The post included a photo of an ominously lit Dutton Ranch. The photo is both gorgeous and haunting all at once. The sky is light, but there is a definite haze in the air. While there is daylight visible, the haze makes it just dark enough that the building needs some light. This light is cast by outdoor lamps on the bottom half of the barn building. Creating a sort of hazy darkness contrasted by the luminescent color.

Finn Little is an Australian actor. Little will play a brand new character named Carter in season four of the hit Paramount Network series. It has been reported that Little’s Carter will be taken in by the Dutton’s on their “Yellowstone” ranch. Not much is known about the storyline yet, however, a recent Deadline article reported that the character is “reminiscent” of a young Rip Wheeler.

The Newest Character On ‘Yellowstone’ Seems A Lot Like Young Rip Wheeler

Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, is a long-time foreman at the Dutton family ranch. Wheeler came to the Dutton Family Ranch as a teenager. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) found a young Rip Wheeler hiding in a barn. The young teen had run away after killing his abusive father. This was done in self-defense after his father had already killed Rip’s mother and brother.

Rip Wheeler has looked up to John Dutton as a father figure. John Dutton returns a certain level of respect, however, his respect for the ranch hand never really moves past a rancher/ranch hand relationship as far as the Dutton patriarch is concerned. However, Rip may have a chance at a closer relationship with John Dutton if Beth Dutton survives the explosion that rattled us all at the end of season three. The couple was well on their way to the altar prior to the shocking finale.

Fans of the hit series have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of the fourth season of “Yellowstone.” Especially after the end of season three that left us wondering about the fate of Beth, Kayce, and John. For months now, “Yellowstone” fans have been waiting for the moment they can return to the Dutton ranch to see how everyone has faired. So far, no date has been declared, however, reports Deadline, the show will not be returning until November.