‘Yellowstone’ TV: New Series Actor Finn Little Says ‘Whiling Away the Time’ in Stunning Fishing Photo

by Thad Mitchell

Excitement levels are through the roof for fans of the Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” as the fourth season is quickly approaching.

But fans of “Yellowstone” are not the only ones counting down the days until a new season arrives. The show’s cast is also thrilled to now have a timeline in place for the rapidly approaching fourth season. Several cast members have noted their excitement for the return of “Yellowstone” later this year. The show’s creators made waves last week when announcing that the fourth season will premiere in the fall season. It was music to the ears of fans, who now the longer than anticipated wait will be well worth it. The same can be said for the show’s actors, who just are excited as fans that their show will air later this year.

On Thursday it was “Yellowstone” newcomer Finn Little’s turn to share his thoughts on the upcoming new season. Like most fans, Little is finding creative ways to pass the time until season four arrives. One of those activities that Finn Little enjoys is fishing. He took to social media recently to share a photo of his most recent fishing excursion. He says his hobby helps him to pass the time as he looks to make his “Yellowstone” debut in a matter of months.

“Whittling away the time fishing at the beach,” he says in the Instagram post’s caption space.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Finn Little Share Time-Passing Hobby

The photos he includes show Litte decked out in his best fishing gear with his line already in the water and ready to go. He appears ready to reel in a big one as he peers into the beautiful blue waters. Several say the young star picked an excellent hobby to take up in fishing, noting that it does indeed help pass the time. “Yellowstone” fans also say they can’t wait to see Finn in the new season.

“Glad you’re keeping busy and enjoying yourself,” a social media user writes.

The 15-year-old Australian actor has joined the cast earlier this year, “Yellowstone” announced last week. Finn Little will play “Carter” in the upcoming new season. Not a lot is known about his character other than he has a backstory to that of Yellowstone Ranch foreman Rip Wheeler. At the age of 15, Finn will be one of the show’s youngest cast members, alongside Brecken Merrill, who plays Tate Dutton.

The character description for Little’s character says he is brought to Yellowstone Ranch by Beth Dutton. If you will recall, the Dutton family has a history of taking in troubled youth like Rip Wheeler. John Dutton would become a mentor to Rip, who becomes the Dutton family enforcer.

Little previously worked with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan in the recent film “Those Who Wish Me Dead.”