‘Yellowstone’ TV: New Star Finn Little Teases Danger ‘Closing In’ With Gritty Pic at Dutton Ranch

by Jon D. B.

With hashtags #worththewait and #revenge featured prominently, the young Yellowstone Season 4 cast member is teasing something big.

What a shot! Finn Little is at it again with another behind-the-scenes look at Yellowstone‘s upcoming season. Here, the young actor shows off a gritty, late evening snow on the Dutton’s ranch paddocks. It’s a pretty brilliant snap; one that conveys plenty of emotion alongside Little’s… Interesting choices in hashtags.

“TBT:2020… The weather is not the only thing that’s closing in,” the actor posts to his official Instagram Friday. The hashtags “#worththewait #yellowstonetv #revenge #behindthescenes” follow his caption. So what, exactly, is Finn Little hinting at with such an ominous scene?

Clearly, someone is out for revenge in Yellowstone Season 4. As they should be! If we were to guess, Outsider is betting on Season 4 including a Rip Wheeler rampage on whoever’s responsible for the hits on the Dutton family via the Season 3 finale.

Even more curious, however, is Little’s inclusion of “TBT: 2020.” While we know the young actor’s involvement now, it was not announced until July of 2021. Does his caption confirm that Finn Little has been working on Yellowstone for far longer than we thought? He has, after all, already completed an entire film with Taylor Sheridan via Those Who Wish Me Dead. So jumping straight from that film’s completion into Sheridan’s show doesn’t feel a stretch at all.

Finn Little to Play ‘Rip-Wheeler-Like’ Youth for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

As for Finn Little’s casting in Season 4, we can’t wait to see what the 16-year-old actor brings to the table.

Within, Little will portray Carter, a youth reminiscent of a young Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser, with his own young counterpart being played by Kyle Red Silverstein) whom the Duttons gave a home as a teenager.

Shockingly, Little’s Carter is to be brought up on the ranch by Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton – and it has our Outsider senses tingling! Does this mean Beth will finally get her chance at motherhood? And how will Rip fit into all of this? Oh, we have so many questions.

Thankfully, Yellowstone Season 4 is now just right around the corner. Sources point to a November 2021 release, but Paramount Network has only confirmed a “Fall 2021” release. No official premiere date is set. Not yet.

In the meantime, Finn Little is keeping fans up to date with plenty of excellent behind-the-scenes shots over on his official Instagram. Another of his latest, which you can see right here, shows the actor kicking back with a far more sunshiney Dutton Ranch in the background. That ranch, of course, being the real-life Chief Joseph Ranch.

If you’re a Yellowstone fan and you’re not yet familiar with Chief Joseph Ranch, we cannot recommend looking up its incredible history enough. And we’ve got you covered to do just that right here on Outsider.