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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Newly Announced Star Finn Little Drops Stunning Snow-Covered Snaps of the Dutton Ranch

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Hanna Lassen/WireImage)

Earlier this week “Yellowstone” fans got the news they have been waiting on for nearly a year as the show will return this fall.

Along with the announcement “Yellowstone” also revealed new cast members that will be joining the show this season. Among the new actors that will be partaking in season four is 15-year-old Finn Little. The young star has worked with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan before in “Those Who Wish Me Dead” earlier this year. Despite his young age, Little has a nice resume as his Hollywood star is most definitely on the rise. He’s also appeared in the television mini-series “Reckoning” and in the TV series “Tideland” recently. He has wasted no time in endearing himself to “Yellowstone fans, taking to social media on Friday to share some pics of the “Yellowstone” Ranch.

“Woah!…Never a dull moment at the Yellowstone!” Little writes. “Beyond thrilled to join Taylor Sheridan’s incredible team in season four (on its way later in 2021). It’s worth the wait!”

Along with the caption, Little included a pic of the snow-covered ranch where “Yellowstone” is filmed. Fans replied to the social media post by welcoming Little to the show and expressing excitement in meeting his character.

‘Yellowstone’ Newcomer Introduces Himself

The Australian actor is set to play a character by the name of “Carter” in the upcoming new season. Not a ton is known about Carter at the moment, other than he is a youngster taken in by the Dutton family. According to Deadline, the character will be reminiscent of a young Rip Wheeler. If you will recall, Rip is rescued from a broken home by John Dutton after killing his father. The Dutton raise Rip as one of their own and he eventually grows into a leadership position on the “Yellowstone” Ranch. Perhaps Finn Little’s Carter will also be a troubled youth saved by the Dutton Family’s kindness. We will have to wait until the fall to find out.

After rumors upon rumors of when the show might return, “Yellowstone” officials made a fall premiere official. It came as both good and bad news to the show’s robust fan base. While they are happy to finally have a timeline, some fans are disappointed that season four is still months away.

While it is smart of”Yellowstone” to avoid a fight for viewership with the summer Olympics, a fall return brings its own set of challenges. If the show returns to its usual Sunday evening slot, it will be going head-to-head with the NFL. This thought has led to some fans speculating that “Yellowstone” could move into a weekly time slot to avoid NFL competition.

There is no official starting date for season four but it is safe to say that “Yellowstone” fans will wait as long as it takes.